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Here is a "Cool" video from Wowbagger and the BCS: TNG team's video preview of the "BCS: THE BEGINNING" mod. This video is interlaced with canon scenes from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Nemesis. This video will show you all the functions of this much anticipated mod. Some of the Mod previewed on BCfiles, but others are defiantely attention grabbing. The Borg Assimilation Beam & Targetable Plasma Streams amung them. Thought some of the Trek live action portions are a bit "dodgy" in the beginning. The premise of what the Author is trying to achive is very commendable.

Worth Having a look at. . . .



Bridge Commander Scripting: The Next Generation presents . . .
A New Bridge Commader Modpack

BCS:TNG has been working together for about five months now, and we still can't believe how fast the time has gone. Most of the hardcore here at BCF is already familiar with some of our more popular scripts (two of which received Mod of the Year nominations, and as I recall, came in last and third to last, respctively), but, now, with BCS:TNG Moving onto bigger, better, and truely amazing projects (WFX Immersion: SOOOO COOOOL!) for Bridge Commander, it's about time these scripts got an extra layer of gloss, some new additions, and a much wider audience.

The following is a Trailer representing the culmination of these five months of work. BCS:TNG highly reccomends the use of headphones (loud) and full-screen while viewing this trailer. Enjoy.

And welcome. . .  to The Beginning.

Trailer Credits:
-BCS:TNG, for writing the mods
-Wowbagger, for blowing three weeks on this in an obsessive quest for tralerific perfection
-spanner, for providing some of the footage. You can tell which ones he did because they don't look like crap.


Emergency Repair v0.8.2 (successor to Emergency System Repare) (UMM optional)
Intensive Scan v0.3.9
Advanced Core Options v0.8.3
Silent Running v.0.5.3 (UMM optional)
WalkFX v0.1.3 (supersedes v0.0.3.3., as well as the last released version, v0.0.2)
Tractor Beam Setting v0.2.1
Assimilation Beam v0.3
Transport Torpedoes v0.1.3
Transport Tribbles v0.1.4
Reload All Torpedoes v2.0
Torpedo Yield v0.3
Targetable Plasma Stream vWay Larger That LJ Thought It Would Be (v1.3)
Change Warp Speed v1.0
Engineering Menu Button Text Fix v0.1 (UMM REQUIRED)

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