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Here's a "Innovative" and "revolutionary" mod from the Bridge Commander Scripter: TNG- The Beginning. This mod is a culmination of all the m...


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Here's a "Innovative" and "revolutionary" mod from the Bridge Commander Scripter: TNG- The Beginning. This mod is a culmination of all the mods released by the BCS:TNG Team! This includes the latest update to the popular WalkFX v.0.3.4 that superceeds WalkFXv.0.0.2. But this scripting package includes more interesting tactical uses for you gaming pleasure! The " Target Plasma Stream " mod that allows the player to ignite the plasma exhaust of any ship, or the "Assimilation Beam" reminiscant of the Star Trek: Armada Series. Where you as the Borg Vessel can reack havok on enemy ships- "Assimilating" them at will. I've noticed smaller vessels are more succeptable. With a new mod "Transport Torpedos" one can beam over torpedos onto a enemy ship when one of thier shield vectors collapes. All this and the mods released by BCS:TNG have been updated and polished. So "enhance" your QuickBattle experience, and take your install to another level!

I Hope to see more works in the future, from these "Maverick" Scripters. . .

Defiantely Download Worthy!

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Download 'bcs_the_beginning_v1.0.zip' (7.85MB)

As in NOT COMPLETE! As in, The Bare Necessities! Those simple Bear Necessities! Forget about your worries and your strife! I mean those Bear Necessities, those simple--sorry. I'll stop now. The full readme is in the zip file.

BCS: THE BEGINNINGS is a way for te recently-formed mod team, Bridge Commander Scripters: The Next Generation (BCS:TNG), to get all our "Little" scripts off our collective chest before we move into the Big Time. To our understanding, BCS:TB represents one of the largest collections of consumer-approved, taste-tested QBA scripts, NanoFX Tweaks, and some assorted surprises in the history of BC. Many of you have probally seen some of these mods before (many of them featured mods-of-the-week, and two were nominated for the Best Mod of 2005) though in every case they have recived some kind of update. We hope and belive that it won't dissapoint.

We included 11 requirements in the full readme, but these are probally the only ones to worry about:

Bridge Commander 1.1 Patch <http://bcfiles.com/file/Bridge_Commander_Patch;2374>
Latest Foundation Plugin
QBAutostart (TB tested in 0.9/0.9.1) <http//www.bcfiles.com/file/QB_Autostart;39736>
NanoFX v.2.0 Beta (for some) <http://www.bcfiles.com/file/NanoFX;23469>
Unified Main Menu v.1.0 <http://www.bcfiles.com/file/Unified_Main_Menu;56343>

How To Get TB Running Without Reading A 32-Page ReadMe:

1) Be warned: between all the useless rambling, this ReadMe really does contain a lot of useful stuff. And your are skipping it all. Shame.
2) Install TB. The Rundown assumes that you know how to do this. If not, see below.
3) Run BC.  Duh.
4) Configure WalkFX. If you have KeyFoundation (and, unless you did a partial install, you are now a proud owner), you will have to choose your control keys in Options> Controls> Misc. at the bottom of the menu. (See page 17: WalkFX for defaults and reccomendations.)
5) Configure UMM option... or don't. The defaults ae tight.
6) Check that your BCS:TNG Mutators are all active.
7) Run QuickBattle.
8) Look at all the pretty new buttons!

[INSTALLATION] (For Dummies! TM)
We've written a .exe installer, so this should be pretty easy. Download the file from FileFront, double-click it and "extract" the installer from the ZIP file, the double-click the installer and follow the instructions. this will overwrite several older versions of our scripts, but that's all. We expect you will like the improvements.

curious as to where we did what. But only nerds ask for that kind of information. No pressuring or anything.

- Emergency Repair v0.8.2 (successor to Emergency System Repair) (UMM optional)
- Intensive Scan v0.3.9
- Advanced Core Options v0.8.5
- Silent Running v0.5.3
- WalkFX v0.3.4 (superceeds the late reeased version, v.0.0.2)
- Tractor Beam Setting v0.2.1
- Assimilation Beam v0.3.2
- Transport Torpedoes v0.1.3
- Transport Tribbles v0.1.4
- Reload All Torpedos v2.0
- Torpedo Yield v0.3
- Change Warp Speed v1.0
- Boost Shields v.0.1
- Engineering Menu Botton Text Fix (UMM required to deactivate)

First, read the readme that is included in the .exe. It is long, but *almost* exhausted. Most everything you need is in there. Please refere all remaning problems to the BCS:TNG forums at <bcscripterstng.forumsplace.com>. We recently refurbished the place to prepare for a crush of new technical errors, so don't hesitate to use it!

There are tons of 'em. They are in the Readme, and they're well deserved. However, I think we've imposed enough on BCF's space here.

In the Readme.

And, remember: The Modding Adventure. . . Is Just Beginning.

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