BCSMC v5.6.0.2



This is a patch for the most recent build of the Bridge Commander Ship Menu Creator v.5.6. Available in both .exe Auto install and Manual "cut and paste". This patch will address some issues with the current Foundation Build for 2008, as the last BCSMC build were missing some Foundation files.

Over all this will be a useful utility upgrade for those of you who like to customize their modded installs. And if you install the current BCSMC v.5.6 with this patch, You can have the most current Foundation build with out having to search the archive on BCFiles to fine the Foundation files.

Check it out!

Link to the Full BCSMC v.5.6 mod...

* Bridge Commander Ship Menu Creator v.5.6 http://bridgecommander.filefront.com/file/;91634



BCSMC v5.6.0.2 Patch

Author: USS_Sovereign


Changes from include:

-Small BCSMC code bugfixes
-BC Foundation 2008 has been updated (missing files were included)


First of all this patch MUST be applied to a 5.6 installation (or to be more precise installation, there is no other 5.6 release other than this.

You have 2 directories... One is called "Auto" and the other one is called "Manual".

If you prefer to manually install the patch then just copy all the contents of the Manual directory to the directory where BCSMC is installed.

If you want to automate the process then just run the executable in the Auto directory and it will do the rest of the job for you. You only need to click next, you don't even need to select the directory where BCSMC is installed it will auto detect it.


This program is not made or supported by Activision. You may distribute this program freely
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Use it at your own risk.


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Release Date: 18.07.2008

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