BCU Stock System mission

bcu_stock_multisystem_mod.zip —


This appears to take all the stock systems in BC, and make them in to one navagateable system for a mission. This will allow you to go anywhere. Since there is a mission briefing, I wont spoil things.




This mod was created by Jeff Watts, Jr. (aka jwattsjr). 
Email: [email protected] 

Credits: Chris Jones for inspiring me with his MultiSystem 
Pack. USS Phoenix for inspiring the warp cutscene. 
Sim Rex for the BCMB. It made this mod soooooo 
much easier to create. 

Known compatibility issues: Not tested in QBR or Multiplayer. 

Known bugs: None 

Tested in: BC v1.1 by Chris Jones and myself. 

This mod will create a system/mission in QuickBattle that includes all 
the stock systems included with Bridge Commander, including Starbase 12. 
Starbase 12 is available for docking and has plenty of Photon and 
Quantum Torpedos on hand. There are also six enemies and a commandable 
wingman already scripted in. The rest, I'll leave to the mission 
briefing.  Another addition is two different warp cutscenes. 
Instead of the normal bridge scene, one's a shot from outside the ship. 
The other is a shot of the battle scene. 

If you want to shorten the cutscenes, just use any .wav editor to 
edit/record (a new) silence.wav file. The one I've included is 
20 seconds long and is played twice, resulting in a 40 sec. 
cutscene. IOW, a 15 sec silence.wav would yield a 30 sec. scene. 

This mod doesn't alter or overwrite any stock files, and requires 
no other mods except Foundation. 

Send any bug/compatibility reports to [email protected] with 
"BCU_Stock Problem" in the subject. 


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