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Christmas Release by Starforce Productions. Proper review soon.


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Christmas Release by Starforce Productions. Proper review soon.

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====Starforce Productions Presents Behemoth Class Torpedo Boat====

Model and textures-P81
conversion to BC and Hardpoints: starforce2

Similar to the trooper class, this ship functions as a patrol ship or torpedo boat. Originaly the nacelles were kept verticle, but this proved problematic, and made the nacelles more likely to be broken off when hit with enemy fire. An armored cowling was added to the nacelles to protect the coils and the design was changed to lay them on their sides (the trooper class) with heavier pylons.

4 foreward torpedo tubes, 2 shots each.
4 foreward phasers, 2 aft, 1 port, 1 star, all single emitters.

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