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This is an excelent collection of 24 large screenshots. Federation vessels, klingons, battles, beauty shots, on fantastic planet and star ba...


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This is an excelent collection of 24 large screenshots. Federation vessels, klingons, battles, beauty shots, on fantastic planet and star backgrounds. The credits give a full listing of what models are in each image.

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I've been playing BC for quite some time now, and I love the direction that this community and this game in general have taken. To show my appreciation for all the hard work and effore put in my the modellers and developers, I now give back to you, with some of the finest pics in my collection. If there is any descrepencies as far as credit goes, contact me at

1. Defiant Over Earth : 9 of 9 Defiant
2. Ambassador Comissioning Print: P81 Ambassador
3. Racing To Regula: P81 Miranda
4. Venture Sunrise: P81 Venture
5. To Boldly Go... : P81 Galaxy
6. Say Hello To My Little Friend: 9 of 9 Defiant
7. Salvage Ops:  Hawkeye Nemesis Sovereign and Blackrook32/Eminster USS Paccia
8. Convoy Duty: Blackrook32/Elimster USS Paccia
9. Thunderchild at speed: P81 Akira
10. Enterprise-D: P81 Galaxy
11. Race against time: P81 Sovereign
12. Defiant Hiding in the Denorios Belt: 9 of 9 Defiant
13. The Blood of Civil War: P81 K'Vort
14. The Breen Claim Victory: Zorg / Morpheus Breen BB, Hawkeye's Nemesis Sovereign
15. The Game's afoot: DAP BOP Bridge, P81 Excelsior
16. Speeding Home: P81 Intrepid
17. Plugging the gap in the lines: P81 Venture
18. The Yeager Dies at the hands of the collective: Cleeve Saber class
19. Enterprise on Patrol : P81 Sovereign
20. Ya wanna dance: C2X Stardrive
21 Patched up, ready for action: Hawkeye's Nemesis Sovereign
22. Cataloging gaseous anomalies: P81 Excelsior
23. One on One: Nemesis Hawkeye Sovereign, Darkdrone's Borg Cube
24. Chance Encounter: Hawkeye's Nemesis Sovereign
25. Kyushu In peril: P81 New Orleans
26. Star Trek 6 Promo : P81 NCC1701 (Refit)
27. The Sovereign Class: Hawkeye's Nemesis Sovereign
28: Mess with the best, you die like the rest: Hawkeye's Nemesis Sovereign, 9 of 9 Bugship
29: Firing over the shoulder: P81 Venture
30. Get us out of here!: C2X Galaxy, Darkdrone Borg Cube
31. The Irony is lost on them: P81 Excelsior, P81 K'vort
32. Endeavour Visits Regula 1: P81 Nebula
33. Kyushu before the unpleasantness: P81 New Orleans
34. The Frigate and The battleship: P81 New Orleans, Hawkeye's Nemesis Sovereign
35. Enterprise's Shakedown: Hawkeye's Nemesis Sovereign
36. Voyager exiting the Nebula: P81 Intrepid

Thank you to all the modellers and developers! You Guys Rock!!!

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