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Bison Class

This is a pre federation transport vessel, it has no weapons, but its still a pretty good ship


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This is a pre federation transport vessel, it has no weapons, but its still a pretty good ship

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------------- Bison class model (Nakajima Maru) ----------------
Date: 19.3.2004.
Mesh: Darkdrone
Textures: Darkdrone
Hardpoints and scripts: zeljko
Else: Unknown

Bison class - Nakajima Maru
No weapons

Despite its comically old-fashioned name, the United States Rocket and 
Spacecraft Corporation (USRSC) of Houston, North America, had a 
reputation for building some of the UE's most robust and technologically advanced 
starships. In particular, USRSC's BISON transport, introduced in 
2145, was by far the most common cargo starship plying the trade 
routes connecting Earth, Alpha Centauri, Andor, Vulcan, Tellar, 
and the Inner Colonies. One reason for the BISON's popularity was 
that the modular construction of its cargo hull allowed the length and 
internal arrangement of each ship to be built (and modified) 
according to the wishes of individual customers. 
Variants of the BISON hull included tankers for deuterium and, later, 
antimatter; transports for liquids (chemicals and foodstuffs), grains, 
unrefined ores, and manufactured goods; passenger liners and hospital 
ships; and megalifters for large cargo, such as engine nacelles and 
starship hulls. Furthermore, any one of several fusion reactor and 
warp-nacelle configurations (either single-midline or twin-outboard 
or both) could be installed and replaced as more advanced components 
became available. USRSC was presumably not referring to quality-control 
problems when it proudly proclaimed in 2150 that no two BISONs were 

*remember*: you must have foundation plug-in installed. download it 
at http://www.bcfiles.com

Unzip this zip in a temporary folder and then copy data and scripts 
directories in you bridge commander folder. if asked 
overwrite the old files and all files will be updated. 

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Portions copyright 2000 Amarillo Design Bureau.Some elements based upon the board games created by Amarillo Design Bureau.
All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners.

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