Blake's 7 - Terran Federation Pursuit Ship

The Terran Pursuit Ship is from the BBC sci-fi series "Blake's 7" that aired between 1978 - 1981.

The Terran Pursuit Ship has some very d...


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The Terran Pursuit Ship is from the BBC sci-fi series "Blake's 7" that aired between 1978 - 1981.

The Terran Pursuit Ship has some very detailed texures and is very impressive to see. This ship like the liberator is also a powerful ship compared to most of the others. It can take out most ships with several shots. The hardpoints are balanced well it does not have too many weapons.

This ship is highly recommended

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Download 'blakes7fedps.rar' (2.21MB)

Author/BC User Handle: Jayru

Title: Federation Pursuit Ship
Version: 1.0
Date: 17 April 2004

Model Design: The BBC.
Mesh: Jay Hurst
Textures: Jay Hurst
Icon: Jay Hurst
SFX: TwoMadMen
Hardpoint and other scripting: TwoMadMen
TGL Info: Written by Jay Hurst, information from various sources.
Mod Tested by: MadJohn (who gets many thanks for his help and his comments, which shaped the final
version of this mod).

No Known Problems. This mod has been tested in Bridge Commander 1.1 and NanoFX2 Beta and works

Drag and drop files/folders into your Bridge Commander root directory.

This is a Bridge Commander conversion of a "Terran Federation Pursuit Ship" from Blake's 7, a
BBC sci-fi series that ran from 1978-1981. Whilst I have tried to be as faithful as possible to 
the original ship, compromises have had to be made due to the fact that Bridge Commander is a 
Star Trek game, and operates in the Trek universe, with Trek rules.
Aside from that, this ship has been scripted/built to form.
I hope you like, and enjoy.

This patch is not made, distributed, or supprted by Interplay TM & (C) Interplay & Paramount

Blake's 7 is copyright of Terry Nation/BBC Worldwide (although the rights are currently owned by
other parties working on a new series of the show). The "Terran Federation Pursuit Ship" was 
designed by the BBC, and the design is copyright to them. The use of this ship and ideas from 
Blake's 7 for this mod do not in anyway infringe upon any copyrights currently held.

If you use this model in any Bridge Commander project please include this file. 

We would ask that you do not modify this readme or the included files with out seeking the authors
opinion. This is not a legal thing, just good manners!

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