Boelkow´s Nemesis Sovereign

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This is a modified version of the CG Sovereign. According to the author, this has a more cannon hardpoint. although it seems to be armed like the Sovereign class pack, it handles a lot better. this thing flew circles around my War Refit Galaxy during tests, and in a slugging match it is about equal, depending on who shoots first. In all, this ship rocks.



Title		: Boelkow´s Nemesis Sovereign Mod
Version		: 0.9.7
Date		: 03/03/2007
Author          : Boelkow


This is a Canon Sovereign Class Vessel and I hope it´s canon enough for you. ;)


Install all requirements befor continue this setup. Doubleclick on "NemSov.exe" and let the ship install into you´r BC-Game, that´s it.


Step by Step: 

-Bridge Commander - Retail Game
-STBC Patch 1.1
-Kobayashi Maru 0.9.1 and Pimped + Patch
-Delete the Files>
-BCMP(for Ship Tgl´s)


CaptainRussell - CG Sovereign

MLeoDaalder - SubMenu Modification

Alexraptor - Canon Nemesis Quantum Torpedos> www.ufpfleet.org

PercyKeys - Inspiration and Beta Testing


This Mod is not made, distributed or supported by Activision TM & (C) Interplay & Paramount Pictures.

Any Problems? Contact me on > [email protected]


Please do not distribute modified versions of these files without seeking permission from the 
author´s, it's just polite.

I hope realy you enjoy this mod. :+:

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