Borg AI Final

borg_ai_final.zip —


purposes. Not sure if many will need it as most people know how to protect their KM version AI by now. This AI does not need KM to work, and includes a few more improvements over the previous version.About The AI:This AI comes equipped with both primary and secondary (or multiple)targetting, previously only accessible by Starbases. The primary target within sensor range will be selected based on it's particularthreat assessment as determined by a ship's hull, shields, weapons,and damage inflicted status. The AI will check the assessment everyfew seconds. It will also enable multiple Borg ships to work togethermore efficiently in their attack patterns, while attempting to avoidcolliding with each other or any other object as well. This AI willnow intercept the primary target at great distances and will alsopursue the last remaining target through warp between star systems.


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