Borg Akira

This is a borg-assimilated Akira, the textures are good, and the ship is strong, but not too powerful weapon-wise. This is a ship to have fu...


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This is a borg-assimilated Akira, the textures are good, and the ship is strong, but not too powerful weapon-wise. This is a ship to have fun in, or for good battles against other assimilated ships.

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Download 'borgakira.rar' (4.71MB)

Title		:BorgAkira
Filename	:BorgAkira.rar
Version		:1.0
Date		:1/31/05
Author		:Capt_Spade aka Spade


Ship			  :Rick Knox
Original Ship Textures 	  :Rick Knox
Redone Ship Textures	  :Capt_Spade
Warp Nacelle Vent Texture :gdluque
Phaser Texture		  :Capt_Spade
Torpedo Texture		  :Capt_Spade
Hardpoints		  :Capt_Spade & Dragon_uk20002
Weapon SFX		  :Dragon_uk20002
Engine SFX		  :Capt_Spade

Ships Story:

	The USS Dragon registry number NCC-88541 was sent by Starfleet Command to investigate why communications was lost 
from a Federation colony on the far reaches of Federation territory. Once they had arrived to the colony the crew of
the USS Dragon found more than they bargained for......The Borg......
	They fought valiantly suffering major losses from multiple hull breaches sucking unsuspecting crew members out into
the void of space. It took a matter of seconds to bring the Dragon's shields down for the Borg to beam aboard and assimilate 
her entire crew.....Resistance is futile.....


Foundation plugin (Included in the BCMP which you can get here->;4171)


Copy the files to their proper locations. You do not need to use BCMP to add the ship or sounds, I have included
these files. Make sure you enable the extra ships and mods mutator in the Configure menu. The ship will appear
in the Federation menu. If you dont want it in the Federation menu use BCMP to put it where you want it. Have fun! :D


This ship is probably not as powerful as some previous Borg assimilated ships (don't know, I’ve never downloaded any of them) 
but I was able to take on Starforce Productions Teams Neghvar all by myself and suffered minor hull damage. This ship
was made as if the Borg had upgraded the Akira as much as they could with the given technology the ship had to offer.
I would not take this thing on by yourself if I were you (unless you have a death wish). Now if you were a Borg cube or a
Hutet, you could take this thing no problem. 


-When you use this ship, go to Brex (short cut key, f5) and pump up your systems to maximize the ships performance. 
-When fighting against this ship, target the torpedo launchers to take them out. The torpedoes are the most deadly thing on 
 this bad boy!
-Try to stay to her aft quadrant and a good distance away, her aft torpedo launchers are not as accurate (unless you are
 close to her aft quadrant)
-Her forward torpedo launchers are VERY accurate and VERY powerful, -STAY AWAY- you’ve been warned! :P


-No known bugs-

Special Thanks:

-BC community
-P81 aka Rick Knox for his awesome ships ;)
-Dragon_uk20002 aka Dragon for his help with the making of this ship and for beta testing it for me, thanks man you rock! :D

Copyright and Distribution Permissions

Copyright notices: 

Star Trek, Bridge Commander, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation,
Star Trek: Voyager (and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright Paramount Pictures,
as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions.

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