Borg Cube and Sphere



Here are the Borg Cube and Borg Sphere, these ships have been retextured and re-hardpointed to previous versions avaliable. These ships weapons are very powerful and can destroy smaller vessels in a couple of seconds, larger ones such as the sovereign and galaxy can be split into two within a similar time (if you are very lucky, using their neck weakness). It will take at least 5 - 20 starships to even take on the cube, and less to take on the sphere. I would recommended at least 20 ships (if your computer can handle it) probably even more as during testing i took on 5 Galaxies and 7 Sovereigns and still won (took minor damage though, in the Cube).



Programmer:	CaptainBryan(CaptainCook/CaptainRussell)

-Bridge Commander

	Contained in this mod are two re-textured and re-hardpointed Borg ships, the Borg Sphere and Cube.  Both ships now have very high-detail textures and also have many more weapons arrays in addition to increased maneuverability and speed; you'll need strong fleets or a Federation starship with transphasic or hellfire torpedoes to take out either of these ships.

	Extract the RAR archive somewhere and then double-click on "BorgShips.BCMod" and let BCMI install the ships; overwrite any files if asked.  The two ship TGLs go into "BC-Mod Packager/Ship TGLs" - use BCMP to update them into the game after placing them in the aforementioned folder.  Enjoy the mod.

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