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I would say the quality of these drones looks great. There is always room for improvement, most notably on the "queen". The only bug with...


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I would say the quality of these drones looks great. There is always room for improvement, most notably on the "queen". The only bug with these drones that I encountered while testing was that a starfleet crewmember appeared on my bridge and started working the consoles sometime during the battle. Solution and note on this is further explained in the readme. No files are replaced by this mod, and the drones can be "deactivated" with a nifty mutator. Together with the Borg E-Bridge, these mods are definite keepers on my BC.

You must have the Borg E-Bridge to use this mod. Available here:;31269

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Download 'dgassimilatedborgcrew2.0.rar' (7.99MB)


Thank you for downloading my latest Borg Drones Crew. Please read the following prior to use:

D&GAssimilatedBorgCrew2.0 By GDLUQUE            

USE AT YOUR OWN RISK, I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY (even though nothing should go wrong)


*Bridge Commander 1.1

*Latest Foundation

*D&G Borg E Bridge 1.3 By DRAGON_UK20002 (Highly recommended. Not neccesary)


This is V2.0 of my Assimilated Borg Crew whit mutator. This version is a FULL redone of the my first version. New characters, new models combinations, ALL NEW TEXTURES and visual effects, all of them  made by me. (It was a lot of work really), new routines of the extras, new mutator, etc, etc...

 This Crew is intended to be used with D&G Borg E Bridge 1.3 By DRAGON_UK20002, which is highly recommended however it is not required in order to use. Included in that bridge are custom Borg sounds too which play over the top of current sounds used in game and completes the ambient of a Borg Crew 


Unzip the files into a temporary folder and then copy and paste  all the folders  into your Bridge Commander directory. Then over-write the files once asked to do so. Load up Bridge Commander and select BORG DRONES CREW in the mutator selector. ATTENTION! If you have my first version, or another Borg Crew, it's recommended to delete all the old files first before the install this one, just in case (You may back up). Also, remember to TURN OFF any other Crew or Uniform mutator in the menu.

Known Bugs

This is not exactly a bug, but sometimes, in some cases, between the extras, appears one or two Feds. We are working whit Dragon to fix it, but meanwhile, see the "extra readme" for a solution in the case of you be annoyed for that. If you do step by step what "extra readme" said, but the game is still wrong, just reboot your BC and try again.


Textures: gdluque, other Star Trek sources, under the supervision of DRAGON_UK20002.

Models: Activision / other Star Trek sources.

Mutator: gdluque /Captain_Kim (Thanks again)

Characters Scripts: gdluque

Testing: DRAGON_UK20002.


Special Thanks to DRAGON_UK20002.for his input. (Look out for his NEW BORG E BRIDGE please!!! It's amazing!)

And BCFiles of course.

Tested in Bridge Commander 1.1

.Please do not use any components of my work without my permission, its just polite.

Startrek is Copywrited Paramount Viacom 
I am not responsible for any damage to your game or computer
All files have been Virus Scanned Prior to being Used

By gdluque
[email protected]

This Borg Crew is part of D&G Productions

Dragon & gdluque

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2 years ago by Trollface3

Since the original upload of Borg E-Bridge that is required for this mod was deleted by Game Front years ago I decided to re-upload it again here:

Hope you enjoy!   

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