Borg modified Defiant

Its not the Defiant, but a :borg: modified defiant. Cool Ship, cool mod. Get It


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Its not the Defiant, but a :borg: modified defiant. Cool Ship, cool mod. Get It

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this is a addon for admirals defiant it will overight your origanal this addon includes deferant textures 
and green weapons 
to make it look borg modified (NOT ASSIMALATED).

just place all the files where they are meant to be (its not that hard)

3 years after the defiant class was released a single defiant class by the name of U.S.S EVOLUTION NX 2457
was pulled in to a unnown worm placed i a nubula the worm hole oppened in the middle of borg space the captain 
of the evolution captain D.Knight relised where they were and instantly cloaked he and his crew decided to 
destroy the worm to prevent the borg from using it as a gateway federation space. after that they spent a year 
or so in the middle of borg space hidden a near by nebula every now or then damaged cubes and interceptors
would come to the nexus to be repaired whilst this was happening the Evolution would crep out cloaked 
and beam a specialized away team over to steal parts i.e weaponry,advansed warp cores 
and more advansed cuircuitry etc..... when captain d.knight thought the evolution was equiteped enougth
to handle the rest of the journy througth borg space and the other unown territorys laying beyond captian d.knight
set the order to plot a course home and to follow it at full warp. about month or so later the evolution came across
transwarp gate leading home and thought there way throught it when they got to the other side they found them selves
deep in klingon space there were klingons every where fighting one borg cube the evolution joined the klingons in 
battle unfortunatly the evolution came to her damage and captain d.knight gave the order to abadon ship all here 
crew survived and so did alot of the ship the federation salvages what they could from the rekage and used it
to create the new DEFIANT TYPE X THE captain d.knight was given command of the first DEFIANT TYPE X 
whitch went bye the name of U.S.S EVOLUTION NX 2457-A. the defiant type x are now used in defense against the borg.

this mod pack has the skin for the evolution when it had loads of battle damage.i will be releasing a newer version
witch is not war torn.

the textures and sounds were done by me (capt d.knight)
and a very big thanx to uss poenix for helpin with the weapons.

PLEASE ask me if u want to edit this addon in any way.

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