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Here is another cool update of the BCSMC by USS Sovereign. This version comes in a easy to install .exe and regular open file form. All wrapped in a nice stylised graphics window, that you can control the transparency of. Also added was an "easy to read" .PDF Manual. That is very simple but descriptive of the features contained in this mod. This mod contains eight features. Which allows Custom/Ship plug-in modification of MLeo's Skinning & Damaging Tool (SDT) code. Change Warp Speed (CWS) code, and the ability to generate multiple ship plug-ins to accommodate large ship packs.

BCMP Fixer Mode: This mode is used to correct any disabled plug-ins altered by the original BCMP. This new version of BCSMC allows for multitasking. In "Fast BCSMC Mode" You can create up to 30 plug-ins at once. But, you can only define a ship's name and icon. Descriptions, Sub menus and (CWP) are not supported using this fast mode feature. The Author guarantees this modification is "nOOb" proof to a certain point. But, IMHO- that is dependant on one's "Reading & Comprehension" level. But really, the Author has gone out of his way to make the instructions as "Simplistic" as possible.

This is a "Highly" useful tool for those accustomed to modding their installs.

Check it Out!



Bridge Commander Ship Menu Creator 3.0
by USS Sovereign  (BCS:TNG)


- Ability to create ship plugins (defs)

- Replaces the outdated BCMP's Tool

- Ability to create submenu code for you

- Ability to create CWS 2.0 code for you

- Ability to create SDT code for you

- Ability to create multi ship plugins (suitable for large ship packs)

- BCMP Fixer fixes your ship plugins which BCMP disables

- Fast BCSMC Mode which allows fast/multiple creations of plugins

- nOOb input protection to a certain degree


This program is the intended replacement of the BCMP's ship plugin tool
and it now has 3 modes.

BCSMC Mode: By default it's the ship def creator with extra features
such as creating SDT code, CWS 2.0 Code, Submenu code for you. Also
it allows the creation of multi ship plugins, suitable for large ship packs.

BCMP Fixer Mode: This mode is used to fix the plugins which BCMP
disables on your installation.

Fast BCSMC Mode: It's a some what lighter version of BCSMC and it allows
appending data to the list and BCSMC instantly creates all plugins in the list 
(Simply putting it: you can create 30 plugins at once by a click of a button). 
However, in this fast mode you can only define ship names and icons the rest
such as descriptions\submenus\warp speeds are not supported.


Refer the .pfd manual for more info.


This mod comes with an installer so just run it and follow on screen
instructions or you can use the copy and paste method (a guess work
is also a part of this method).


Net Framework 2.0 or higher


None that we know of


- To Me, USS Sovereign of BCS:TNG for making this program

- Dasher for Foundation


This program is not made or supported buy Activision. You may distribute
this program freely as long as the original archive is distributed and no part
of it, including this document, is modified or missing.

Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,
Star Trek: Voyager and related properties are the Registered Trademarks of 
Paramount Pictures registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

We do not take any responsibility for any kind of damage this does to your computer.
Use it at your own risk.


Go to http://www.bcscripters.com/forums/index.php for support, questions,
comments, ect. The home of BCS:TNG!

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