Bridge Commander Total TOS Mod Part 3 of 3

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Star Trek Bridge Commander Total TOS MOD

This is a TOS  total conversion based on the Kobayahshi Maru Mod.  It converts all ships, sounds, maps, music , interfaces, Maps, etc to the TOS era.  I tried to make it as close to TOS Cannon as possible.  I wanted to create a universe where I could travel to all those locations in the Star trek TOS Universe.  This is a work in progress, and far from complete.  But, there is enough done to still have fun in the TOS universe.    The following is a description:

The Interface, Sounds and Music:

  1.  Converted to TOS.  All music, sounds, images converted  to TOS.  Kept colors from the original Bridge Commander.  Rounded corners squared.  
  2. Background music and Sounds:  All from original series, Klingon Opera music (with some TOS music)  if Klingon ships are selected.
  3.  Victory and defeat music from original series,  sensor scan sounds from original series, Spock sounds for Science officer.


  1. Added ENT ERA uniforms, TOS uniforms:  Federation  (Pike ERA + 4 different  TOS mutators), TOS Romulan,  TOS Klingon, TOS Terran Empire) , TMP Era uniforms (TMP and burgundy),  JJVerse uniforms,  as well as  TNG era Uniforms.  

The map:  

  1. Stellar cartography map converted to the TOS era.  I agonized over this one as I’m a purist when it came to the Star trek Technical Manual.  I compromised between the Star fleet charts, Star Fleet Battles, and the Franz Joseph Technical manual.
  2. The Kzinti were placed in a totally different area in the new Star Charts than in the previous SFB and Franz Joseph charts, so I kept them where they are now placed in the new Star Charts, and added the Mirak, which actually are the same as the Kzinti.  So they both have the same ships.  
  3. Galaxy Maps war simulator works!  Fleets have been converted to TOS.  So far play tested with Klingons, Romulans, and the Federation.  Haven’t done work on the other races yet.
  4. Added the Lyrans,  and the Cardassian  Confereration  -  much smaller and well outside Federation Space (Cardassians weren’t in the Original series, but were  mentioned in ENTERPEISE).  
  5. Organia, Sherman’s Planet, Romulus, Remus, Romii, Qonos,  Vulcan, SOL,  Cestus III,   Spacestation K-7 placed on map.
  6. Romulan Neutral Zone - Neither Side can enter without break of treaty
  7. Klingon Neutral Zone:  (both sides can enter but cannot go into each others’ territory (example: Sherman’s Planet)  except for designated  Space Stations  (example: Station K-7)
  8. Added planets, stations,  and moons  to systems based on Star trek Charts and the star trek systems manual
  9. TOS dockable  stations at  SOL, Vulcan, Romulus, Romii, Qonos.  All Stations are TOS era
  10. Planet perspectives adjusted for higher orbits (ships in orbit appear like they did in the show, instead of being swallowed up by a huge behemoth of a planet)
  11. All system ships and star fleets (in Galaxy Charts) are now TOS era


MAP:  Many of the planets have been removed from the map to reduce clutter.  The region files are in a folder marked “==HOLD==”   in the scripts/ custom/systems/regions folder

Planet models :  some of the planets (mostly gaseous planets) have been re-skinned to form various planets (in the scripts/ data/ models/Environment  folder).

What needs to be done:  

  1. Other planets need to be placeand created, (Gornar, Tholia, Talos,  Kzin,  Rura Penthe, etc.)  Add fleets as needed (Gorn, Tholian, Lyrans, Kzin, etc.)  Other fleets need to be created.
  2. I have left many of the systems that I have not converted or re-worked on the map.  Some systems  will crash the game if you enter them (many are clumped at the bottom of the map).  This is still a work in progress.

The Ships:

  1. Very large collection from the TOS ERA,  Movie ERA,  and ENT ERA,  and a smattering from the Lost ERA (between Movie and TNG),  and a couple from TNG.  Also included Mirak, Kzin, Lyran (with the Lyran D-7)  First Federation (Fesarius), Doomsday Machine,  and other misc ships
  2. Stock ships (TNG) are disabled by default – can be enabled in “Mutators”
  3. Ship hardpoints are adjusted using the Federation Constitution Class as a standard  - ships  adjusted according to class etc (example: TOS D-7 made comparable to TOS Constitution Class as needed).
  4. Lyran D-7 – has interphase beams which originate inter-dimensionally, then coalesse at a single point allowing the ability to actually shoot through your own ship without damage and eliminate fire-arcs.  
  5. First Federation Fesarius – Complete with Balok voice – uses a holding beam while it attacks with plasma bolts  -Very powerful!  
  6. Romulan warbird  hardpoints adjusted to reflect cannon from the Original Series – the plasma weapon is now very deadly; it can cause severe damage to a starbase, and destroy most starships with a single blast.  The ship itself however has very minimal shields and can be disable or destroyed very easily if a hit is struck (just like in “Balance of Terror”)
  7. Many, many ships researched with proper names, descriptions, and some history (this took quite a while)

What needs to be done:  Many ships have not been play-tested and Hardpoint adjusted.  Most Federation , Klingon and Romulan ships are complete.

I want to give credit to the Kabayashi maru team, the Klingon Defense Force team,  Dasher, Captain Russel  and many,  many others.  It is their hard work that has made this possible.  I have been working on this mod for the past few years and have gotten it this far.  It is playable, even in War Simulator (In Galaxy Charts),  but there is still a LOT of work to do (I’m only one guy working on this in my spare time).  If anyone wants to take this run with it to improve it and add to it, you’re more than welcome.   As they say on Romulus:   LLea!!  



To install Bridge Commander Total TOS Mod do the following:

1.	Install original Bridge commander game Make sure your version has the 1.1 patch. – Go here if you don’t have it:
2.	Rename the folder to BC_Total_TOS
3.	Delete the SFX, Scripts, and Data folders
4.	Place  the three BC_Total_TOS.rar files (1, 2, 3) into the same directory as the  BC_Total_TOS folder -  
5.	right click and select “Extract Here” for each .rar file
6.	Go into the zz- RESOLUTION_OPTIONS folder – Copy the options.cfg file and paste it into the main BC_Total_TOS file (make sure you copy and replace the original options.cfg file).
7.	If using WINDOWS 10, Configure the SBC.exe file for Windows 10  (SEE BELOW in RED)
8.	Start the game,  After the intro screen the resolution will be  1600 X 900 (this works well with many modern widescreen computers). 
-	 If you desire a different resolution, click the configure tab, click the graphics tab, and select your resolution.    

NOTE:   If you select  an advanced resolution, the game will crash after selection, then will be in the new resolution after restarting the game.
NOTE:  The program will not run in the original Bridge Commander stock resolution of 640 X 480  (that is why the Options.cfg  file must be replaced in the ROOT folder.

ALSO NOTE: The GUI graphics will not be correct if the original options.cfg file is used – the game will play fine otherwise.

9.	Start SBC.exe and enjoy!

IF you have problems loading Bridge Commander on WIN10, Or the Resolution is off when loading, try this:
Configure the SBC.exe file for Windows 10:
Go to BC_Total_TOS  folder.  Right click SBC.exe -> Properties -> Compatibility tab  ->  click  “Change settings for all users” button  -> Check WIN XP SP2 compatibility mode  ->  Check disable full screen optimizations  -> click “Change High DPI Settings” button  ->  Check both  check boxes (Program DPI and High DPI Scaling Override)  ->  click OK,  apply,  OK,  then OK again

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