Bridge Plugin 0.8 Nullifier

bridgeplugin0.8nullifier.rar —


BP Core is just around the corner and this is what you'll need to be ready for it if you downloaded the beta. Basically this file removes any modules from Bridge Plugin 0.8 that were reported as causing issues including BPSounds and JediFX, these modules will be rereleased at a later point when they are considered stable enough.

Installation of this file will be required before you can install any of the Bridge Plugin Required bridges such as the TOS Bridge Pack, without installing this first you will be likely to encounter compatability issues.



Bridge Plugin 0.8 Nullifier


This file nullifies BPSounds, JediFX and some other minor modules from BP0.8… this is necessary to ensure compatability with the Bridge Plugin Bridges that will be coming out soon. 

Do not worry about these modules, you will be seeing them again once the authors have had time to iron out the kinks.


	Run .exe file and follow the on-screen instructions.

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