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Ok here it is, the first version of Bridge Plugin CORE. You will need to download and install this before being able to install alot of the...


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Ok here it is, the first version of Bridge Plugin CORE. You will need to download and install this before being able to install alot of the new bridges that are going to be coming out over the next couple of weeks.

The whole thing comes in a nice installer so there should'nt be any troubles installing, any problems should be reported at BCU technical support where the team will be keeping an eye out.

Please remember this is just the core, you should'nt notice any changes after installation. BP0.8 users, ensure you install the Nullifier before installing this.

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Download 'bridgeplugincore.rar' (2.28MB)

Bridge Plugin Core (20060519)


About 18 months ago during tests on ATP:D a bug was discovered. The problem was that occasionally the game would not go through the unloading of the old bridge model.

This led to the idea of using this “bug” to load a specialised bridge model to cover up the badly mapped parts of the stock bridges.

Over the next few months Madon, Mleo and LC Amaral worked on the idea, however real life took time away from the project and after a while almost all progress had halted.

Shortly after this I took control of the project and started pushing on with it. With Mleo’s help the project became more then just a functional script, it started shaping up into a framework of functions that could be used to add effects, characters, and extra parts to bridges.

I dubbed the project “Bridge Plugin” due to the modular system that had been implemented by this time.

Finally Bridge Plugin CORE was created due to the huge complexity of the project, it became necessary to separate the mods so that the necessary time could be spent on them.

Since then we have been adding functionality, and creating new modules for you to enjoy.

The file you have just downloaded is the result of years of work from a lot of good people. My thanks goes to them all for helping to create the biggest leap in bridge modding since the original Bridge Foundation.

Thanks for the support everyone!



Apollo – for ATP:D, where it all started
Mark – Project Manager
Madon – Initial Scripting
Mleo – Main Scripter
LostJedi – Scripting
LC – Advice, Ideas

To all the testers over the months – THANKYOU!


1.	If you installed Bridge Plugin 0.8 you need to download and install the BP0.8 nullifier available at
2.   Run BridgePluginCore.exe and follow the on-screen instructions.
3.	Enjoy.

Known Bugs

Just one at the moment which involves map swapping. When map swapping from a stable map to a animated setup there can be issues. A good example of this is the galaxy bridge status displays where at green and yellow alert the map is still, however at red alert it flashes and this has been identified as causing an issue between yellow alert and red alert.

The exact details of this bug have not been ironed down however it will probably be resolved in a later release of Core.


“per bridge loading screen” Mutator: when enabled uses custom loading screens for any bridge that has the function enabled.

Unified Main Menu: This mod has UMM functionality. if you have UMM installed you will be able to tweak your Bridge Plugin Module’s settings.

Enterprise A Active LCARS: Bridge Plugin CORE disables this mod when it is installed, this is done to avoid compatibility issues. A new version of the enterprise A bridge will be released soon which uses Bridge Plugin for active LCARS so you wont need this mod anyway.

Bridge Plugin Project: In the works:

TOS Constitution Bridge Pack
Miranda Bridge v2
Enterprise A Bridge V1.5
Nemesis Sovereign Bridge
Late TNG Galaxy Bridge
Early TNG Galaxy Bridge
Sensor Static
BP Sounds
Canon Crew Fix
Cloak Maps
Prometheus Bridge
Shuttle Viewscreen


Email: mark.ward at
BCU: Mark

Final Notes

To all you developers I’d just like to say that a tutorial is on its way when I get round to it.. in the meanwhile hold tight. 

To all of you with U.M.M., BPCORE fully supports the UMM architecture.

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