builder396s HQ asteroid textures V1.1 (REWORK)



are very poor now if you compare them with more upto date textures (well they are 8 years old!). Here is a set of Asteroid retextures by builder396 that will make the asteroids look a lot better in the game. The only bad side that I can see is that in an asteroid field the textures may look very repetative although on the bright side however they do look a lot better than the stock version and definately do add something new to the game, whether you are shooting the rocks or hiding between them (or even using them for cover!) a very welcome addition to bridge commander.

After Jims little comment and even before I planned making a new exture for the asteroids since the old had many of those ugly zip lines. 5 minutes reworking this targa file caused a miracle to happen because now the asteroids are eye-candy for anyones eyes I hope. Have fun shooting those floating rocks or use tractor beams to chrash them against each others.

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