C.S.S WorldRazer Confederation Flagship

1709095761-C.S.S Worldrazer.zip


Model Extraction done by: CaptainBrassen

Scripting and Hardpointing done by: Hexagonal Nexul and Grey da Derg

Texture work done by: Grey da Derg

SFX done by: Hexagonal Nexul

Enhanced Icon done by: That Guy Brian

Additional model work done by: Elijahb1

In an alternate timeline created by Q by changing Earth history in 2024, the CSS World Razer was a 24th century Confederation of Earth vessel, a combat starship in Confederation Corps service at some point before the 2400s decade. Its commanding officer was Jean-Luc Picard. According to General Picard, the World Razer helped the Confederation conquer the stars. In the 25th century, a painting of the World Razer, showing the ship guns blazing, was on display at Chateau Picard.


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