C2 Constitution refit

This is an excelent model of the 1701-A. It works really well with P81's Miranda. I had a nice long battle with it, and both ships too a bea...


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This is an excelent model of the 1701-A. It works really well with P81's Miranda. I had a nice long battle with it, and both ships too a beating. You defenetly need to utilize your tractor beams and make your torpedo shots count.

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Download 'c2constitution.zip' (3.83MB)

U.s.s Enterprise N.C.C 1701 (refit)

How to install

1. Unzip all files
2. Highlight all files in the "Constitution" folder
3. Drag and drop them into the main Bridge commander Folder
  * C:/program files/Activision/Bridge Commander *
4. Open BCMP
5. Check the ship to make sure all is correct and working by going to
   "game tools" then checker

6. If all is correct install but going to "Ship Plugin" and from the menu
on the right, click on "Constitution.py and click "make plugin"



Mesh/Textures: DuctTapeWonder/P81
Scripts/Conversion : Cpt 2xtreme
Testing: BrandonJ
original readme as fallows:
Demon Renegade Studios



WickedZombie45 - Original Model and Textures
DuctTapeWonder/pneumonic81 - New Textures and Texture Modifications

Bridge Commander Scripts/Conversion - Cpt 2xtreme
Bridge Commander Testing - BrandonJ 

Ship Name: Refit Constitution Class U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701

Ship Class: Heavy Cruiser

Race: United Federation of Planets

Contact info: wickedzombie45@aol.com

Please note: This policy is open to change following developments concerning my work which may not have been an issue previously. I suggest you check back frequently in order to keep updated on the current policy status. Copies of the policy included with the files may not be as up-to-date as the one posted here.

I have no problem with kitbashes/alterations as long as the following procedures are followed:

1.) Everyone involved with the kitbash/modification is to be credited. That includes the original model author(s), anyone involved with the design (if different from the modeler), and the person who created the alteration. This will set up a history of the modifications and give credit to all involved.

2.) If a ship is to be converted to another game (Bridge Commander, Armada, Klingon Academy, etc.) I prefer being notified of any alterations to my work as most times the credits are not listed properly, the ships aren't converted correctly, etc.

3.) If the ship is to be released to the public, no parts from a restricted model are to be used. Some modelers don't want their work to be altered and I would expect everyone to respect that. If there is a part or parts that are restricted, I can possibly create a replacement for you to use.

4.) If the ship is to be released to the public, I would ask that you contact me first. This is to make sure you have the proper credits listed and to make sure no restricted parts are being used. On some occasions people have credited me for work that I have never seen before.

5.) Please do not post these models on other websites (with the exception of mod/dynaverse downloads, kitbashes, and conversions to other games). I prefer keeping my ships on a single site so I can better control their distribution and make sure the correct files are updated. I know this sounds rather strict but it becomes a bit tedious when trying to update a ship and having to contact dozens of other websites to inform them of the changes as well.

6.) If I grant permission for alterations to a single model, that is not to be interpreted as a base acknowledgment for further alterations/conversions/kitbashes/etc. to any other ship that I have created. Approvals of alteration requests apply only to individual ships, not all of them at once unless otherwise stated in my response.

7.) All work on this site is property of the respective owners. If anyone attempts to steal or take credit for work they did not do, I will hunt you down and feed you to a pack of bloodthirsty wolves.

Star Trek, Star Fleet Command, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager
(and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright Paramount Pictures, as are the
characters, related images, and sound from the productions.

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