C2X BOBW Borg Cube

Here it is Folks, The c2x BOBW Borg Cube! This is a self extracting .exe file. So all of the guess work has been done for you. Just when you...


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Here it is Folks, The c2x BOBW Borg Cube! This is a self extracting .exe file. So all of the guess work has been done for you. Just when you thought you have seen it all from the Borg in Bridge Commander? This Classic Borg Cube has it all from "canon" textures weapons and sound effects, too the coolest " ultimatum " given by Locutus when the Cube engages you. Taken from the opening speech from DS9's premiere episode " The Emissary ". The Cube comes in two mods, Ship and Base. I tested the Cube in the ship setting and the results were interesting. The Cube is not over powered, and was made for in game play. The Cube will attack you from a distance of 60 km. Approach under 45km and the Cube will attack with cutting beams and Tractors. Though the ship version does not rely on Tractors, but more on the Cutting beams and Pulse weapons, both looking like the effects on landmark TNG " The Best of Both Worlds " episode(s).

Testing the Cube as a Base, I found it interesting to use the Kobayashi Maru Mod and attack while in the Helm "Engage Warp". Doing this, the Cube could not establish a Target or Tractor Lock on the Player Ship.

So, If you want to reenact the " Battle of Wolf 359 " ? Or just tangle with the Borg Collective? Download this Mod and see if you can survive the encounter?

Definitely Download Worthy. . .

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Download 'c2xbobwcube2005.zip' (11.73MB)

c2x BOBW (TNG) Borg Cube 2005



The Borg cube first encounter in 2365 is a huge vessel with highly distributed systems.
A cube has no specific markers that could allow to identify individual ships. The fire
power of a cube is far superior to any Federation ship of the time.

This mod is a 2005 rework of the first Borg Ship I released to the Bridge Commander
community. It has been HP'd and Sound edited to death, I watched "The Best of Both Worlds"
over and over to get a feel for it. It has cutting beams and a tractor
pulse weapon that looks like a tractor beam but shreds ships in seconds. It has a few other surprises
but I'll let you find them out for yourself.

I have hardpointed this ship to be "canon" to the show, powerful but not to powerful (for gameplay purposes).
This cube was suppose to be apart of a bigger modification currently being worked on behind closed doors,
unfortunately due to technical problems, it has been pushed back a month at least. More details to come. . . 

Special thanks to Blackrook32 for Testing and helping provide source material.




Model / Textures: c2x
Sound Editing: c2x
Torpedoes: Erik Novales
Beta Tester: Blackrook32



Copyright notices:
Star Trek, Bridge Commander, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation,
Star Trek: Voyager (and various logos devices used in them) are copyright Paramount Pictures,
as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions.

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