C2X Canon NX-01



Here is another cool offering from C2X. The NX-01's hardpoints brought up to speed. As seen in the pivitol 3rd season episode "Azati Prime". The hardpoints were made for P81's NX-01 model. Testing this beauty out, she has exceptional phaser cannon arcs. (2) Fore Phaser Cannons, (2) Aft Phaser Cannons, (2) Ventral Phaser Canons. The firing arcs on the phaser cannons have to be seen to be belived. Also (2) Fore Torpedo tubes and (1) Aft Torpedo tube. This is a must have for fans of the Enterprise Series.

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c2x Canon NX-01 Hardpoints

What is this Mod?

It's a canon version of Enterprise NX-01's Hardpoints. Ive taken the weapon color and remade the sound fx from the show. These are based on the episode "Azati Prime" to the episode "Countdown".

Ive set the Hull to "not Critical" so when the Hull is down ot 0%, the ship won't blow up, you can punch and slice as many holes it it as you want, but if you shoot it enough, it will blow because of warp core damage.



Original: MagicTM and c2x
New Hardpoints: c2x
Model/ Textures: P81
Texture Mod: c2x
Torpedo Texture: Unsure, I found it in my "C: \Program Files\Activision\Bridge Commander\scripts\Custom\DurandalHP\ Textures" Folder, so I guess the credits go to Durandal

Note: if your using my SFX for any of your mod, please get my permission first, anything else is fine. I just take pride in my SFX  and I don't want people touching them without permission.

Enjoy the mod,


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