C2X Deep Space Nine

Here is something "Totally Cool" for all Deep Space:Nine fans! This Station comes in two version. The A.I. Version will use Multi-target...


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Here is something "Totally Cool" for all Deep Space: 9 fans!

This station comes in two versions. The A.I. Version will use multi-targeting, and a Player version which will be located in the "Federation ship list". The Station is model on the DS9's 4th season episode "Way of the Warrior Pt.II ".  This version comes loaded for bare; canon disrupter and torpedo textures. Matched with canon sound effects; all pulled from the actual landmark episode. The running lights on the Station, gives a more realistic feel. Now you can reenact the famous battle scene and create your own Dominion Wars scenarios. You will need NanoFX2b to view the running lights and BCMI 1.3 to open the mod.

So, if you ever wanted to "Defend the Station" as Starfleet? Or Attack it as the Klingons?

Here's Your Chance...

Definitely Download Worthy!

Since I was involved with this project, I'll let you rate it...


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Download 'c2xds92005.zip' (3.96MB)

c2x Deep Space Nine - v1  (Feb 2005)


Both Blackrook and Myself have been hanging on to this Mod for over a year now and finally thought it was finally due for a release. It will only be gathering dust on my Hard drive. It should have canon weapons and sounds. It has 2 versions a starbase version (means A.I. will use Multi-targeting) and a player version which will be located in the "Federation Ships menu


Bridge Commander v.1.1
BCMI v1.1 -  higher
Winzip / Winrar


Unzip the .BCMOD file and double click on it, BCMI will do the rest. Then just run the game


Textures / Model: Totally Games

Modified: c2x

Hardpoints: c2x

Sounds: Totally Games / c2x

Beta Testing: Blackrook32

Special Thanks to Blackrook for helping me along with this and testing it to the fullest.



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