C2X Galaxy Class 3.0

This is a captivating update to the C2X Galaxy that adds the separate sections of the ships in hi-detail textures. This makes an impressive...


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This is a captivating update to the C2X Galaxy that adds the separate sections of the ships in hi-detail textures. This makes an impressive addition to the C2X line of ships.

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Download 'c2galaxyv3.zip' (6.51MB)

C2X Galaxy Class 3.0


  ----- if you want it to be called C2Galaxy -----

Download Python scripting from www.python.org, install then open up the Galaxy.py located in
your Bridge Commander/Scripts/Ships folder. At the name part, rename to C2Galaxy, Go to File-SaveAs
then Type exactly what you typed for the name. (E.g. if you called it C2Galaxy your saving it as C2Galaxy.py)
remember to type .py at the end or it wont work. Then open up Bridge Commande Mod Packager (BCMP) and add it to
your Federation ship menu.


* Galaxy Class
* Saucer Section
* Stardrive


* Star Trek Bridge Commander 1.1 patch
* BCMI (Bridge Commander mod installer: also found on BCFiles.com)
* Foundation Plugin ( comes in BCMI )


Once you have your mod installer. Simply Double click on the Galaxy Class.BCMOD file and
it'll install it all for you. If you cant see the ships in your ship menu, go to your options
menu and in the "Mutator" section turn your mod ships on ( you have no idea how many e-mails I get because people 
dont know that )


Galaxy Class model and textures: Knox1711 & P81
Hardpoints: Starforce + C2X
Icon: P81 & C2X


Many of your believe I am a mesh theif. I have proven this not to be true, it is no secret
that I convert models from knox1711 of SFC3 modding. However, I would like to apologize to
MOONRAKER for leaving him out of the credits of the C2Lakota, when I converted it a while ago, I read Knox1711's credits wrongly
and as a result I put P81 and Knox1711's credits only, for this I am truly sorry. I would also
like to add Nightsoftware in the Lakota credits as well, moonraker is apart of Nightsoftware and all his work now belongs to
the company. Because of all of this, I havent released any mods until now. I was even threatened by Raven Nights to be taken to court if I even done this again...
because of all of this, I believe modding ISNT WORTH any of this B.s. so I have quit. 

Still to come:

Since all of this mess started I have been modding for myself and starforce has talked me into
posting the work.

* Revision of all previous mods
        - Sovereign
        - Nova
        - Steamrunner
        - Lakota ( Not moonrakers )
        - New Excelsior ( TNG )
        - Voyager Cube
        - TNG Cube
        - Alot of others which I cant remember (not a good sign) lol
        - Andromeda Ascendant ( from the TV show, being worked on by )
                                       - Andromeda Ascendant
                                       - elminster
                                       - tim_scott_2000
                                       - Sorry if I missed anyone (been a while) ALOT of people are working together on this.

* 1.3 patch
        - 37 new ships ontop of the ones already in 1.2b
        - revised models and HP's
        - All systems
        - ALL new sounds
        - New Torpedos
        - 10 New Shuttles for Shuttle combat and Online Roleplay
        - Cube Attack mission
        - Borg now warp
        - 12 Roleplay ships ( cargo ships etc )
        - 15 New starships

        ======THIS MOD IS 90% COMPLETED======

* New Galaxy Class Reg'es

  ===== In Respecet to moonraker, these are the last mods I will be releasing for public use =====

Any problems: Contact me @


Thanx a million



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