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Check this Out !! Here is a revision of the Original Stars 'n' Shields mod by c2x. Here this mod offers five Shield versions as seen in Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager seasons 1-3 and 4-7 and a canon shield fx from Star Trek: Generations. Each in thier own BCMI file. Also available is a canon TNG/DS9/VOY Tractor Beam texture. You will also get canon warp streeks as seen in TNG/ DS9/ and VOY.

Most notable are the open systems now available while playing NanoFX2 beta in game. All the Stock systems are available for you to explore. Instead of three systems available with Quickbattle. So if you want to bring your gaming experience as close to canon as possible? Then this mod is for you!

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c2x Stars 'n' Shields v2        May 2004

* What does it do?

This is an update of c2x Stars 'n' shields mod V1, It now includes 5 different shield types. Canon TNG warp streeks for NanoFX V2 BETA (with permission), New Tractor Beam texture, canon starfield texture (to the show) and i've scripted all the stock systems into NanoFX 2.0. So now instead of warping to only 3 systems in QB, You can warp to all stock systems.

* What shield textures are in the mod?

Canon Voyager (both version) Light and Heavy Static Versions
Canon Early TNG Shield Texture
Canon'ish Generations Shield Texture
The Original c2x Shield Texture from V1 of this mod


Textures: c2x
Scripting: Nanobyte and c2x
Testing: Blackrook32

Special Thanks to Nanobyte for letting me release some modded scripts and textures of NanoFX 2.0 BETA

Also thanks to Blackrook32 for helping me get the warp streeks as close to canon as possible

Enjoy The Mod

More To Come...


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