C2X TNG Borg



Here is a video preview of a new mod from C2X, The TNG Borg Cube. This vid will show the full function of this classic Borg design. With new weapons and tractor beam textures. The video itself is well done, using the latest NanoFX and high res models available to the Bridge Commander. All to give you the Player a canon feel of an encounter with the Cube from the TNG landmark episode "The Best of Both Worlds".

I've had a blast Beta testing this mod. So,Check out the Collective in this vid. . . And see if you can survive "Assimilation".



c2x TNG Borg Cube

(Video Preview)

This is a Video preview showing the "Canon" version of the Borg Cube from the landmark TNG episode "The Best of Both Worlds" Pt.I & II.
Introducing "new" Weapons and Tractor beam textures. the Multi-Targeting features of the Cube is featured in the Video.

More to Come. . .

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