California Class (Star Trek: Lower Decks)

The "scrappy underdog" of Starfleet, the ship of choice for second contact operations, and the perfect fit for any delinquent officers not q...


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The "scrappy underdog" of Starfleet, the ship of choice for second contact operations, and the perfect fit for any delinquent officers not quite fit for Starbase 80. Available in tactical red, command gold, and sciences blue, for your aesthetic pleasure.

This little ship took far too long to release, but I'm glad to finally put it out there. Enjoy!

Installation is fairly straightforward:

1. ) Make sure you're running Bridge Commander 1.1 with Foundation installed (Modded installs such as KM work too)

2. ) Open the file

3. ) Drag and drop the contents of the zip file into your Bridge Commander install

4. ) Boot up the game and have fun!

(Bridge Commander: Remastered installs may not be compatible with this mod. A future revision of BC: R will include the California class by default, though.)

Model ripped by FleetAdmiral01

Hardpointing by VonFrank42

Icons by yours truly (ThatGuyBrian)

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Download '' (11.92MB)

About This Version (1.0.0)

Version: 1.0.0

Released: 31st December 2022 1:26am

Made you look!

All three livery colors are included in the game files, the default should be the engineering version.

To change liveries, just rename the texture(data/models/ships/California/high/tex_ship_fed_cerritos_diffuse.tga) and icon (data/icons/ships/California.tga) files to whichever one you prefer.

Model - FleetAdmiral01 (ripped from Star Trek: Fleet Command)
Icons - ThatGuyBrian
Hardpointing - VonFrank42

Star Trek, Star Trek: Lower Decks, Star Trek: Fleet Command, Star Trek: The Next Generation (and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright Paramount Pictures, as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions. All rights reserved.

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Comments on this File
1 month ago by FileTrekker

What a future we live in. This is amazing, thank you, haha.

4 weeks ago by HannouHeiki

Per Memory Beta:

  • Lower Decks co-producer Brad Winters gave the California-class ship length as 535.2 meters, and height at 121.3 meters, in a Tweet. Producer Mike McMahan confirmed these figures in a reply tweet.

However, the in game scale doesn't show this much longer than a Miranda class.

Trekyards on YouTube did a manually scaling using the MSDs and got something in the neighborhood of 412m.  I suggest using this photo as reference:

As the model stands, I'm not even sure if a properly scaled shuttle would fit into the bay.  

Despite all the above, I want to say that I LOVE the look of this model and appreciate the effort putting it into the game.  I'm only making scale critiques because these beautiful models are like my private collection inside of Bridge Commander.

4 weeks ago by TGB_B2

avatar_default.jpg@HannouHeiki  ⁠ 

Funny you should mention that. I originally had the model scaled at 535m in length, it caused a fair bit of controversy with a handful of other modders. We all agreed that seemed a bit too big for a support ship - though I had no qualms with⁠ the dimensions Winters provided.

VonFrank (the person responsible for adjusting, re-balancing, and finalizing the ship's hardpoints) and I agreed to scale the ship down for the sake of fitting in with our goofy senses of perspective.

If it is that bothersome, I may release a re-scaled version in the future to go along with the original.

3 weeks ago by HannouHeiki

I think it would be great if you released a rescaled version!  You know how us ST fans are very particular about our collections, even if they are virtual ships. 

About it being too big for a support ship, I would like to disagree.  First of all, the show depicts two decently sized shuttlebays.  As of now they wouldn't fit.  Secondly, it isn't a traditional support ship.  IMO it's an independent ship specialized for second contact missions.  They do all the same things that first contact ships do... just without the exciting bits that occur with first contact.  

-The ship has cetacean ops.  The ship needs to be large enough to fit an aquarium.

-The ship has room to carry about 10 shuttles.  5 are shown in one of the two bays.

-There is a captain's yacht.

-There is a large hydroponics bay.

-The ship is assigned and equipped for diplomatic functions.  Think Dooplers and the "catch and release Predator" episode.  The ship has accommodations for delegations and facilities to entertain them.'s a beautiful mod and I appreciate the work.  If you're working with VonFrank, I'll cite one aspect all longtime Bridge Commander users share: we mod the game to make it "more canon."  How that's done and the game mechanics we prefer can vary widely... but I think ship scale and hardpoint locations are two points that most of us can agree on.  

It's a scrappy ship, but it just didn't feel right being the same size as my in game Miranda.



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