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Requires either C2 soverign, or hawkeye soverign, and ATP1. Links to those are in the readme. It gives it all the weapons from Nemisis and c...


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Requires either C2 soverign, or hawkeye soverign, and ATP1. Links to those are in the readme. It gives it all the weapons from Nemisis and correctly placed based on ditl and what not. Make sure to read the readme for the complete story on the mod.

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  Thank you for downloading my USS Enterprise Nemesis Sovereign Hardpoint!
            This mod, as is, requires C2's Nemesis Pack found on BCFiles: or 
  the Nemesis Sovereign by Hawkeye, also found on   BCFiles: .
 Used but not definitely required is the Advanced Technologies Pack1 by Apollo.  It's here: .  If you want your ship to last, you'll use this!!  The hull without the Ablative 
  Armour is pretty weak!!
            This is it.  It took me a week and a half of research (yes RESEARCH!!), messing w/the MPE, editing the scripts 
  by hand, and chatting in the forums to create the ultimate Nemesis hardpoint file for the Nemesis Sovereign by 
  Hawkeye.  I had C2's excellent script to base off of, as well as the PRODUCTION SCHEMATICS from the actual movie
  itself (found on ).  Every single torpedo tube was added in it's 
  correct location, along with DITL canon (was speculation, but sounded right to me) reload times, loads, and amounts
  for each tube.  The result is 4 fore and 6 aft torpedo tubes, with 4 tubes (2 fore, 2 aft, on the bottom of the eng. section) 
  being 12 rounds a reload, and the others being less (some are 4 per reload and some are one).  The result is that
  in single fire mode you should have at least 1 torp every time you fire, fore and aft!  The people at Paramount and DITL
  are smart!  I didn't change C2's phaser arcs much; all I changed was the large dorsal fore arc.  He split it in 5, and I 
  made it one to be more canon.  I also added the Quantum Torpedo turret in front of the deflector dish.  It's a pulse
  weapon, so you don't have a limit like you should.  To make up for this, I made the reload time longer.  You will get a 
  quantum torp every 8-10 seconds.  A full compliment of 4 torps (canon) takes about 30-40 seconds.  I also moved
  ForwardTractor2 to it's canon position under the deflector dish.  The final changes I added were for the Advanced
  Technologies pack.  I added Ablative Armour and Breen Drainer Immunity.  I'm not sure if the breen immunity is 
  canon or not, but it seems logical because Nemesis takes place after the Dominion Wars.
            Installation is easy.  
  1.  If you have The C2 Nemesis pack, use the folder titled "C2."  
        If you just have the Nemesis Sovereign, use the folder titled "NemesisSovereign."  
  2.  *Optional* go to YourBCDirectory\scripts\ships and YourBCDirectory\scripts\ships\hardpoints and backup your scripts if you want to.
  3.  Open the folder, and copy the folder labeled scripts into your main BC folder.  Click yes to overwrite.
  3.  Dive in and have a look!
  +John Eaves, Rick Sternbach and Herman Zimmerman for designing and retooling the Sovereign class Starship!
  +Hawkeye for his amazing model!
  +Cpt_2xtreme for his inital HP!
  +Alexis Rombaut AKA Apollo for the ATP1!
  +Sov3ReiGN for teaching me how to make torpedo turrets!
  Email me at ONLY if you have a serious problem and did EVERYTHING as stated in the directions!
  If you want a non-ATP1 HP, you can email me and I will send you one.
  ~My Future Projects~
  1.  The Parity Mod (Special Sovereign Project)
  2.  ATP3 for Stock Missions and QBR
*End Transmission*

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