Cannon USS Voyager Set

Pack that makes a few changes to Voyager. The readme explains it pretty well.


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Pack that makes a few changes to Voyager. The readme explains it pretty well.

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[Basic Info]
Title     : LSailor's Cannon USSVoyager Set HP (2.0)
File Name :
Version   : 2.0 (8/27/2003)
Author    : LSailor < >

Ships' Hardpoints : LSailor
Intrepid Icon     : ASDB_J < >
Type 9 Icon       : Matsch-Klon < >
Delta Flyer Icon  : Matsch-Klon
Type VI Torpedo   : LSailor
Tricobalt Torpedo : Sneaker98 < >
                    (with minor adjustment by LSailor)
Micro Photon      : LSailor
Micro Photon VI   : LSailor
Photonic Missile  : LSailor
New Weapon Sounds : LSailor
Thanks to         : BC community

A. Bridge Commander game and Patch v1.1 < >
B. Foundation Plugin System < >
C. Rick knox Intrepid v3.0 < >

Also Recommended:
1. Advance Technologies Pack 1 < >
   (for the Ablative Armor, and shuttles' one-emitter shielding)
2. Launching Framework System < >
   (for the ability to launch shuttles.
    Please read the ReadMe file in it carefully when you install this.)
3. Return Shuttles Script < >
   (if you want to make your shuttles back.
    Also please read the INSTALL file in it carefully when you install this.)
4. Rescaled Type 6 Shuttle < >
   (for avoiding the oversized Type 6 shuttle.)
5. Type 9 Shuttle < >
6. Delta Flyer < >

This ship is fast, but the systems are relatively weak when comparing to 
bigger ships. With the Ablative Armor, it's very powerful against a 
single ship if you got good commanding skills, but mostly it can't stand 
against 2 average ships (like the stock Galaxy). So, when the armor 
failed, try to use its fast speed and maneuverability to earn some time 
for repairs. It can also launch one Type 6, one Type 9 shuttles, and one 
Delta Flyer from its Shuttle Bay. You can use your aft tractor to make
your 3 shuttles back to bay again, also there's 2 more space for another
2 shuttles to dock with Intrepid. It only carry 38 type VI photon, but 
it's more powerful than the original photon, so, make them count! The 
ship also got 4 Tri-Cobalt Devices. This torpedo flies very slow for the 
moving ship, but it's no doubt a deadly weapon against stations.

Type 6 shuttles are very weak, you can use it to divide enemy's fire, but
not for long. Type 9 is a little faster & stronger, and equipped 15 Micro
Photon Torpedoes. Delta Flyer is very fast. It got 19 Micro Photon VI
Torpedoes & 14 Borg inspired weaponry - The Photonic Missles.

This file WON'T override any other known Intrepid class' HPs or files,
except for my previous version of 'IntrepidUSSVoyager' (v1.0).

0. Install required & recommended (if you like, see above) files first.
1. Unzip the file, and put the 3 folders ('data', 'scripts', 'sfx') and
   files in it of course into your main Bridge Commander directory.
   (usually : c:\program files\activision\bridge commander )
2. And you should see this ship (Intrepid - USS Voyager) in your
   QuickBattle setup's ships menu under 'Federation Ship' tab.
   Also, you'll see 3 shuttles (Type 6 Shuttle, Type 9 Shuttle,
   Delta Flyer) in your QuickBattle setup's ships menu under
   'Other Ship' tab.
3. If you don't like to launch shuttles or feel like it made your
   Intrepid disstable, just delete :
   \scripts\Custom\Carriers\ & USSVoyager.pyc
4. Any problems contact me at < >,
   Thanks for Downloading. :)

A. *Optional* After installing, if you want to delete the USS Voyager's
   Auxiliary Sensor Array to avoid sensor problems (see [Known Bugs]),
   open the '[Opt_Voy -AuxSensor]' folder and copy 'scripts' folder
   into your main Bridge Commander directory.
B. *Optional* After installing, if you want to delete the Type 6's
   Micro Torpedo Launcher to feel more cannon, open the
   '[Opt_Type6 -MicroTorp]' folder and copy 'scripts' folder into
    your main Bridge Commander directory.
   (Please be noted if you delete the Launcher will cause some bugs at
    Type 6's sensor, so the shuttle's AI won't attack enemies.)

[Major Improvements]
-Reposition Voy damage icon display.
-Increased Voy Sensor Range.
-Redo Shuttle Bay script, fix a bug in 1.0 that you can only launch
 one of your 3 shuttles.
-Return Shuttles Script supported, totally had 5 shuttle space,
 use your aft tractor to take them home! Also you can use it to tractor
 back as many escape pods as you want.
-New weapon sounds (Type VI Torpedo, Tricobalt Torpedo, Voy's phasers)
-New 2 shuttles' Icons (made by Matsch-Klon) & completely damage and
 weapon display.
-Full rebuilt 3 shuttle's HardPoint files, more cannon phaser
 array/strips locations, also more relatively balanced.
-New Micro Photon (450 Damage), Micro Photon VI (600 Damage), and
 Photonic Missile (750 Damage) for 3 shuttles.
-Full rebuilt HardPoint files (not the old or copy one).
-New Icon (made by ASDB_J) & completely damage and weapon display.
-Add Ablative Armour (not the magical one ;p).
-Add Bio Neural Circuitry (another power sys, just for fun).
-Add Auxiliary Sensor Array (no realistic use I think :P).
-Improve maneuverability.
-13 rebuilt (not the old or copy one) phaser array/strips locations,
 not very powerful, but fast switching & recharging. Also the closer-to-cannon
 orange-red phaser color.
-New Type VI Photon Torpedo (800 Damage, 38 of them),
 also the closer-to-cannon yellow-white torpedo color.
-New Tri-Cobalt Devices (made by Sneaker98, 5000 Damage but hard to aim, good for
 base assault, 4 of them)
-Ability to Launch one Type 6, one Type 9 shuttles, and one Delta Flyer.

[Known Bugs]
-If your Main Sensor Array failed, all sensor infor will disappear.
 If your Auxiliary Sensor Array failed, it will make your sensor infor
 intermittently. If you're against the Intrepid class, knock its Aux
 Sensor down won't effect on enemies' attack. Knock the Main Sensor
 will make it fired only torpedoes. You'll have to knock both sensors
 to make it stop firing. (If you want to delete the Aux Sensor to avoid
 this problem, see [Installation] section A. It's optional.)
-When All 3 shuttles are out of your Shuttle Bay, you cannot launch
 ANY shuttles on any ships again even after you tractor them back. It's Launch
 Framework's problem. In order to use the launch ability again, you'll
 have to re-start the entire BC game.
-If you tractor back shuttles other than your origin 3 shuttles, you cannot
 launch those extra shuttles or it will make your game crash.
-If you encounter a problem that your tractor beam keep trying to make shuttle
 home but the shuttle just won't dock, make your Intrepid's down a little
 (press 's' to down the ship a bit) should solve this problem.

[Future Revision]
-Add ship & shuttles' descriptions.
-Add ability to launch Voyager's captain's yacht (Aerowing) when it released.
-HitPoints & other adjustments according to users' opinions.

[Copyright & Distribution Permissions]

Copyright notices:
Star Trek, Bridge Commander, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, 
Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager (and 
the various logo devices used in them) are copyright of
Paramount Pictures, as are the characters, related images, 
and sound from the productions. 

Please do not modify this file without seeking the author's 
permission. It is just polite.

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