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This is not my mod, I simply rehardpointed it, after watching several videos on it and trying it for a long time myself, I decided it was a...


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This is not my mod, I simply rehardpointed it, 

after watching several videos on it and trying it for a long time myself, I decided it was a bit too weak for the enterprise J's might, 

so I went ahead and redid the phasers, some torpedoes, and the overall health of the ship, 

this is also balanced for an upcoming enterprise H mod done by sci fi king, which I am fixing up and will hopefully soon be ready for release as well. 

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Download '211975-183439-Canon Enterprise J update.rar' (8.82MB)

About This Version (1.0.0)

Version: 1.0.0

Released: 5th December 2022 3:37am

MOD REHARDPOINT DONE BY ME (Hexagonal_Nexul/narrowcwyfe)

THIS MOD IS NOT MINE (original readme file in documentation folder)

all I did was change up the beams they should be just like star trek enterprise now, I also changed the shields and overall health of the ship as well as ablative armour which it very much lacked

please dont be mad at me for doing this I just thought the enterprise J needed a fix, and I like to believe this is improved compared to the mod before


- go into the file before downloading the ship and download the files there into your stbc directory 

- after that, install the actual ship into your stbc directory, should be all set and go


- this is not my mod

all involved in the original mod (from my understanding)
Model - redragon, MRJOHN
Textures - redragon, MRJOHN
Conversion - teleguy
Hardpoint - teleguy
Polaron torpedo - edtheborg
QB Description Fix - USS Sovereign

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1 month ago by TranZPhazik Torpedo

Hey everyone! 

I just wanna say that I downloaded this Mod and it is amazing! 😁 I really wanna re-create the battle of Procyon 5 from "Star Trek: Enterprise"! As soon as I figure out who they fought - aside from the Sphere Builders - then I'll get to it! But if you're looking for an Enterprise-J that is as close to canon as possible, then this is IT! 

Great job, Hexa!

Be safe and healthy everyone! 

Live Long & Prosper! 🖖🏽🎅🏽

1 month ago by Steve P

Thanx for the patch, the ship definitively performs like you think it would now, works great 



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