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Balances many ships (listed in readme) to DITL stats. It changes other stats as well. FOr example, it uses shields as primary defense, so once you're through the shields, it will be fairly easy to destroy a ship. There are for new torpedo types included as well. Oh, and the Defiant is as Uber as it should be, so those of you defiant fans will love that. Now what he needs is a Lakota to go with it. He's even changed the way the phasers work. Newer types have longer bursts and faster recharge. Interesting concepts.

Now I have not tested this, simply cuz it would take me forever, and I like my ships the way they are anyways.

The only bad thing is he didn't say who's ships they were for. Though I will assume all the ships except the defiant and nebula X are by p81, and the defiant is nine of naes because thats where he got the sound. As for who made the nebula X or where it can be found, beats me!



Title		: Canon Hardpoints Pack (Federation Edition)
Filename	: Canon_Hardpoints_Pack.zip
Version		: 1.0
Date		: 5/11/2002 (UK Date)
Author		: Michael Pellington (aka The Pelican)
Email		: [email protected]
URL		: http://www.pwfe.com (e-fed)

All Canon Hardpoint Files - The Pelican
Original Intrepid Hardpoint - Richard Knox
Original Defiant Hardpoint - Nine of Nine
Quantum Torpedo Sound - Richard Knox
Defiant Pulse Sound - Nine of Nine
All Information (including TGL Files) - Daystrom Institute Technical Library (http://www.ditl.org)


This is my first attempt at any type of mod, Bridge Commander or Otherwise, so if it's crap, that's my excuse.

My intention with this mod was to recreate the ships of Star Trek as exact as possible to what they are on TV. Some concessions have been made, mostly to keep the game playable, and it's mostly the rate of fire of torpedoes.
Thanks to the Daystrom Institute Technical Library, which is an outstanding library of star trek information, I obtained all the information that I would need to attempt this.
Unfortunately, the site doesn't specify WHERE all the weapons or ship parts actually go, so if I've added something, then I've guessed it's location, in most cases it is about right, and certainly nothing to worry about.

Intrepid & Defiant Class Vessels

To use either of these ships, you must already have Nine of Nine's Defiant or the P81 Intrepid Class installed, without them installed, the ships will probably still show up, but the game will crash if you attempt to use them.

Ship Statistics

The DITL uses a simple reference system to compare the strengths of the different ships. By setting the Galaxy Class as a standard, and then extrapolating all other statistics from that reference. You'll see what I mean if you visit the site itself.
I used these (with a little rounding) to set the hull strength, speed, maneouvrability and shield strengths.
To create this mod, I first had to build the reference, which is a standard Galaxy Class. Once I was happy with that, every other ship was pretty simple to construct. Well, except the Akira Class, which just was WAY too many torpedo tubes for it's own good.

Ships Included

Galaxy Class
Galaxy X Class
Nebula Class
Nebula X Class (Uprated version of the Nebula Class)
Ambassador Class
Intrepid Class
Defiant Class
Sovereign Class (Note: Quantums fired as Disruptors)

Note: All Ships have been given a proper name, their captain has been named as well


With every ship in this mod pack, the shields are the primary defense, which is why they have high values. Once you get through the shields, most ships are not that hard to destroy. 

Hull Strength

The Hull Strength Ratings are taken directly from the DITL. Galaxy Class is 1,000. All other ships are referenced from that value. e.g. The Intrepid Class has a rating of 50, so it's hull strength is 1/20 of a Galaxy Class, it can therefore only take 1/20th of the damage a Galaxy Class can withstand.
The Hull itself is usually pretty tough, it is rare that a ship will be destroyed by losing Hull Integrity. Most ships get destroyed by a warp core breach.

Phaser Strength

If you start looking through the Phaser damage ratings, you'll notice that they vary quite a bit between each ship. The strength is based on the total Terrawatt rating for all the phaser arrays, compared to the number of phaser arrays. The 3 arrays at 24,000 terrawatts would do more damage individually than 8 arrays at 40,000 terrawatts.
The type of phaser is another factor, the higher the type, the more powerful the phaser, the longer the discharge, and the faster it recharges.


You'll find that I've included 4 files for torpedoes. These torpedoes are more realistic than the default ones, as they hit their targets much more often. (In the shows, they rarely miss)

PhotonI - Standard Photon Torpedo which does 500 damage.
PhotonIOV - Overloaded Photon Torpedo, which does 750 damage, but has only half the guidance time, hence it is less accurate.
QuantumI - Standard Quantum Torpedo, which does 1000 damage. However, because this torpedo is used in the Sovereign Class, whose Quantum Torpedoes fire via the Disruptors, the listed damage is actually 2000. This is because the game halfs the damage value when firing through disruptors. (You can test it yourself, it is true).
QuantumII - Standard Quantum Torpedo, which does 1000 damage. This one is used in the Defiant.

Most of the ships have a reduced level for their torpedoes, reduced from canon that is. For example, a true Pulse Fire Photon Tube can fire 4 torpedoes in 1 second, pause for 3 seconds to reload, then fire 4 again. I've slowed that down, quite a lot.

Forward Torpedo1a & 1b????

In certain ships, namely those with Burst Fire Torpedo Tubes, you'll find that there are "a and b" of a torpedo tube. This is because a Burst Fire Tube can fire more than one torpedo at once, a type 4 can actually fire TWELVE at once, but I've reduced that. To allow various torpedo spreads, I split all burst fire torpedo tubes into two, called a and b. They can take half the damage, and have half the load of a full torpedo tube. They are placed in exactly the same position. The reason is so that I can include torpedo spreads greater than 2. As I class them as one tube, they are number a and b.

The Defiant

Before you ask me the question, according to the DITL, the Defiant really is that powerful. Just be thankful it's easy to hit.

Future Mods

This mod pack just includes Federation Ships, I have no intention of just stopping there, I intend to do a Romulan, Klingon and a Cardassian Pack as well. Possibly all in one, possibly not, depends on how long it takes me to make the Hardpoints. (The Warbird has 19 Disruptors!! Where am I going to put them?)

Installation Instructions


WARNING 2: - Most of these ships have large torpedo armaments, and all can fire more than one phaser at a time. This will put a strain on your system graphically, so be wary.

1: Unzip the file to your desktop

2: Open the zip file and select the four folders (BC-Mod Packager, data, scripts, sfx)

3: Copy and Paste them into the main Bridge Commander Directory. (Normally C:\Activision\Bridge Commander)

4: Use the BC-Mod Packager Program to install the TGL files. (If you do not keep the program in your STBC directory, then you need to move the files to the appropriate directory first)

5: ALL DONE!!!

Note: You do not need to use the BC-Mod Packager program to install the ships, It should already do it for you, if it fails, then use the program to install the ships.

Use of this Mod

If you wish to use the files included in this mod to create your own mods, then you are free to do so. You are also free to publically release the files on the condition that you include a credit towards the original creator, me. You do not have to ask permission to release a personal modification of this mod.

Errors & Problems

If you have any problems using this mod, then contact me at the e-mail address listed above. If the problem is slowdown with your graphics, then you need to tone down your graphics settings, the ships in this mod tend to flood the area with torpedoes and phasers, so it will get pretty chaotic, and not all systems will be able to handle it.

If you find that something in this mod is not canon, please let me know and I will correct it.


This mod was scanned for viruses and fully tested on Bridge Commander v1.1 before it was released. I take no responsibility for any damage this mod may cause to your system before, during, or after it has been installed.

Copyright and Distribution Permissions

Copyright notices: 

Star Trek, Bridge Commander, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation,
Star Trek: Voyager (and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright Paramount Pictures,
as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions. 

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