Canon Nemesis Quantum torpedo



This is a new Quantum Torpedo. It is much closer to the ones seen in the movies, than any other to date.



Star Trek : Bridge Commander

Developer - Alexraptor

"Canon Nemesis Quantum torpedo"

Well, most of the quantum torpedo mods out there arent very good, there are one or two nemesis torpedo but they just looked to wimpy for my taste. then i came across Dkealt's torpedo pack, wich contained a fairly good quantum torpedo. but it still wasent quite right for my taste. so i created this awesome quantum torpedo based on his Quantum torpedo.

extract the contents here(with folders) into your BC main directory.

- Either rename the torpedo script, or edit the ship hardpoint you want it used with.

- Note, you need to set up the right sound yourself, i originally created this torpedo using the Kobayashi maru mod, so it uses its sound.

Dkealt, While every graphic, and every file have been vastly modified. i felt it would just be fair to meantion him. since it was his torpedo pack quantum that inspired me.

Feel free to use this torpedo freely, as long as no money is made. 
Please credit me if used in any mod and link to "www.ufpfleet.org"

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