Sovereign Bridge retexture (Mangledduk's)

Mangledduk's has made one outstanding accurate Nemesis Sovereign Bridge. It looks just like the real bridge and is about as good as it get...


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Mangledduk's has made one outstanding accurate Nemesis Sovereign Bridge. It looks just like the real bridge and is about as good as it gets with the stock model.

Take a look at the pics!

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Readme for Mangledduk's Canon Nemesis Sovereign Bridge.

All you have to do to get this running pretty much is to just unzip it in your directory, or you can manually install the new textures, 
It only supports high resolution, cause thats what i use. 

I looked at reference pics from the movies and watched Nemesis and First Contact and Insurrection several times to match the colors.
After the first release of my retexture, several issues were brought to my attention...
In Nemesis it was noted by several people that the LCARS had more of a blue tint to them, so I watched 
Nemesis and took some screencaps and matched the colors and redid the LCARS a bit, I think it gives
the bridge a much more Nemesis feel.
Another thing I realised is that I wasnt quite happy with the way my carpet looked in the bridge. On some of the 
screencaps from the movie the carpet looks blue and on others it looks red. I wondered if they had changed it for the movies
but I realized when i got a closeup of the carpet that the carpet is actually blue carpet with small red lines in them, therefore giving 
it a different look from different angles. So what I did was make the carpet look a little more plush and put the lines in, so its 100 percent 
canon. I also put little blue lights on the bottoms of the chairs (you barely notice actually)

Overall Rextexture: Mangledduk

carpet, wall tiles, red alert panels, console textures, countertop LCARS, Red alert lights: Mangledduk

LCARS: Mangledduk with 3 animations and basic layout originally made by Dante (The Borg Queen scan, and those neat little moving red lights on the LCARS panel.I also heavily modified the 
overhead scan view of the Sovereign...I added a lot more orbiting rings) All the other animations were done by me, like the Master Situation Monitor and other scanning animations and LCARS animations.

blue floor lighting: USS Salem

hopefully I covered all the credits right, I think there might have been some misunderstanding, I dont wish to take credit from where credit is due.
Hopefully you all will enjoy this, I have put a lot of work into making this the most canon Sovereign Bridge available, and from what Ive seen, its
as canon as you can get this bridge. Well thats it folks, Hope you all enjoy, peace out.

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