Capture The Enterprise

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Capture The Enterprise Qbr Mission

In this mission you must discreetly steal the Enterprise back from her captors. She is guarded.




		Place the "Capture The Enterprise.py" file in your scripts/custom/quickbattlegame folder then go into quickbattle game press F3 to            
                bring up Saffi's menu. Click on configure, then file, load "Capture The Enterprise" and start.

		Federation Shuttle Cloak HP(see below)

	Mission Requirements:

		1) Start as the shuttle. get marines from the starbase and ready 500 of them.
		2) "Cloak" the shuttle, set the sensors to 125%,plot a course for deepspace and warp there.
		3) Locate, capture and repair the Enterprise. Return her to starbase 1 and you can call it a day.

	Mutators Set:	on-stock systems
			on-stock ships
			on-extra ships and mods
			on-qbautostart extension v0.9
			on-bcs:tb: emergency repair(hint)
			on-new technology system
			all others optional

	Other Notes:	Included is a federation shuttle hardpoint that is equipped with a cloaking device for this and
			upcoming missions.
			This will directly replace the default shuttle so move the original shuttle.pyc to a safe location.
			It's located in the"c:\program files\activision\bridge commander\scripts\ships\hardpoints folder".
			Copy or place the file in the c:\program files\activision\bridge commander folder and overwrite 				when prompted.
			Note: Some computers have c: some have d: as the drive name. Adjust the above accordingly.

	I thank for the original files:

		Markus Göpfert
		Erik Novales
		Totally Games

	Enjoy, MScott

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