Captured B'rel Bird of Prey "The Weyoun"

Here is a different version of the Klingon Bird of Prey, this time this ship has been captured by the Dominion. Its weapons have been replac...


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Here is a different version of the Klingon Bird of Prey, this time this ship has been captured by the Dominion. Its weapons have been replaced with "rapid fire" weapons which can litterally fire non stop photon torpedoes, highly recommended that you attack from close range against your targets. The ship is literally glowing from the outside apparenlty caused by the overloaded power conduits near the hull.

There are apparently other bad points about this ship that the shielding was not complete during the design and one lucky shot may destroy the bird of prey or perhaps a skilled captain of a heavy cruiser would be able to take this ship out.

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Captured B'rel Bird of Prey "The Weyoun"

By Capt Gandia

Bop of Sandtrooper.
Mesh & Textures: Scorpion
Torpedo Texture: DKealt
This Bird of Prey was captured and reverse engineered by Dominion forces sometime in the Dominion Wars.
It was meant to inflitrate Klingon Fleetyards and spy on their progress but soon after the end of the war
it was returned to the Klingon Empire with some very handy upgrades.

. Enhanced Shielding.
. Replaced Torpedos Tubes with Automated Rapid Fire and Reload tubes. "Trigger Happy Photons" 
. Enhanced Hull Plating
. Enhanced Speed with new Warp / Impulse Engines.
. Enhanced Warp Core
. Super enhanced Sensors 



This vessel can be considered a GOD ship.

If you do, consider that it fits more to the category of Fallen Angel than of a GOD.
Excellent Ship to attack at very close distances.
Press on your Torpedo Button once and hold. Torpedos will come out non stop. 


Power conduits close to the ship's hull get overloaded therefore it makes the hull glow.
Shielding was not completed at the time of the wars. There are very dangerous gaps in the shielding.
One lucky shot can destroy the whole ship.
A skilled Captain on a Akira or Galaxy can take this B-Rel out

Do not retreat with this ship. Remember No retreat and No surrender.


WinRAR to extract files to BC Root directoty.

IMPORTANT ***REPLACES Current B'rel (Stock or P81 or Previous version of this BOP)***

*NOT TESTED or MODIFIED TO SCALE: RanKuv Hardpoint (certian Bird of Prey in Single Player, Not Mod-capible)*

Included in Archive:

Bird Of Prey files, Readme and Screenshots


Star Trek, Bridge Commander, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation,
Star Trek: Voyager (and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright Paramount Pictures,
as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions.

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