Cardassian Hutet and Mobile Dominion Ketracel White Facility

Here's the Cardassian Hutet along with a Dominion version. Now these are a couple of huge ships that are fun to trade punches with. Check...


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Here's the Cardassian Hutet along with a Dominion version. Now these are a couple of huge ships that are fun to trade punches with. Check em out.

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Title: Cardassian Hutet and Mobile Dominion
	Ketracel White Facility (MDKWF)
Filename: Blurb23_DomWar_MegaHutet_Mobile_Katracell_White_Facility
Version: 1.0
Date: 5/9/05
Author: Blurb23
Email: [email protected]

This mod contains two ships: a Cardassian Hutet, and a Hutet
variation that the Dominion used as a Mobile Ketracel White
Facility (MDKWF). For some "history" on the ships, please 
read the story that has been included.

What's included:
- Cardassian Hutet
- Fanfic Story

Where this ship came from:
It came from the Dominion Wars game. It was featured as the 
Cardassian flag and battleship, but was largely whooped by the
Achilles in the intro movie.

Just extract the files into their proper places, and install 
via BCMP. Enjoy!

These ships were beta tested on both and EOL 1.3 install, and a 
fresh install (with the official 1.1 patch).

These ships are meant to be updates of the Hutet that was destroyed 
in the Dominion Wars intro. In that movie, the Achilles recieved 
no discernable damage. However, these ships have been modified to be 
able to destroy 85% of my Achilles on BCFiles (USS Vengeance).
It has also been tested against both P81's, and CG's Sovs.
You'll need about 6-7 of P81's Sovs, or about 5-6 of CG's
to be able to take this out. To counteract the fact that this ship
is extremely difficult to take on (with the AI on Hard) without a fleet
of ships, the power drain has been adjusted so that anyone using the ship
will be forced to constantly adjust the power settings, and may have
to minimize a crucial system, such as shields or weapons.

Bug list: 
Sometimes the torpedo indicators will read that they are loaded, and
ready to be launch, but in fact they are not. However, the reload times
are only about 10 seconds, so this should not cause a major issue.

Special Thanks:
Special thanks goes to a friend of mine, who I am very greatful to. This mod would
never have been possible without him. He wishes to remain anonymous, and so he will. 

Distribution Information:
This file, or any included or associated with it may NOT be used 
on your site, included in a mod, or sold for money.

If you want to use it on your site, include it in a mod, or use 
some (or all) of it's files, you MUST contact me and ask for permission.
It will most probably be granted, but I reserve the right to deny you it. 

Fanfic story distribution:
This file may NOT be posted on any website, mod package, or anything of that sort
without expressed permission from me.

If there are any questions, please contact me via email.

Original Model/Textures: Zorg/Morpheus
Torpedoes/Beam Weapons: Favor the Bold Alpha release
Fanfic Story: Blurb23
Hardpoint: Blurb23
Textures: Blurb23
Everything else: Blurb23

This ship is NOT made, distributed, or supported by Activision, Interplay, or 
Paramount Pictures.

Star Trek, Bridge Commander, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation
Star Trek: Voyager are all copyright of Paramount Pictures, as are the characters, images, 
and sound from the production. No infringment of these copyrights and trademarks is intended.

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