Cargo Rescue

In this QBR2.3 mission, you have to fly to all the sectors you have access to and get them to follow you back to the Riha System's Tactical...


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In this QBR2.3 mission, you have to fly to all the sectors you have access to and get them to follow you back to the Riha System's Tactical Base. Read the briefing (in the readme) for more info.

There's quite a few requirements for this mod, including QuickBattle 2.3, and a significant ship list. Make sure you review the requirements before you try to run this.

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(( Arranged by TIQHUD ))
 {{ there are many other REQUIREMENTS besides just QBR 2.3 PLEASE READ}}

BC Patch 1.1,,, BCMI v1.3,,, NanoFX2.0 ,,, MVAMinfinite ,,,Foundation ,,, QuickBattle 2.3 are required

BCMI and\or BCMP installs Foundation for you (But you have to start them not just Setup them) and are installed you might want to get them 
to help you install some of the mods.  
(gotten here

stock ships  and\or (after extraction choose Defiant.BCMod)

     (gotten here 
Adds a whole twist You are Flying and fighting from the Bridge Not
 from just external views, but you can still use external views
   ((Highly Recommend it ))
                    (gotten here

Stock Bases and\or 
    (gotten here

Follow directions for installs of ship and bases

After download of the mission 
extract into Temp folder and move PY an PYC files to
Program Files\Activision\Bridge Commander\scripts\Custom\QuickBattleGame\Missions

***CREDITS and Thanks go out to ***

Pneumonic81 for most of the ships 
BC Mod team for some other ships 

Banbury  for QuickBattle
Capt. Redbeard  for QuickBattle
Defiant for QuickBattle

Rick Knox for ships 
BlackRook32/Elminster for his defiant_class
Anduril's for his constitution (TOS), saladin 

Activation for the Patch
LONGISLAND26 for fedtacbase and starbase1
Mad Doc \ MRJOHNfor trading station

Nightsoft for BCMI an BCMP
sneaker98 for MVAM
NanoByte for Nanofx

Admiral_Ames - Dante  for his Phoenix (first warp ship) and his NX01
CMD for the daedalus

My email (TiqHud) is

Your in one of the Federations strongest ships, you are on a Patrol
of several sectors (scan them) several Cargo vessels are scattered 
throughout, you are to fly to these various sectors collect the 
cargo vessels and bring them to Federation Tactiale Base In the Rihia 
sector, they are carring vital cargo, so do not to lose any
when you arrive with the cargo vessels, have them dock, the cargo will
be unlooaded by special personall, then if your vessel is in need of
repair you may dock, the cargo comes first

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