This is an interesting ship, from Starforce Productions Team, I found it quite fun to fly and did quite well against 9of9's cardasions.

though the look of this ship isn't an eye catcher .



====Starforce Productions Carthage====

Model: Mackie
Textures: LC Amaral
HP/port: Starforce2
Torpedo: CG sov torpedo, unmodified
Length: 560m

Additional info:
This ship was a step between the Ambassador and Galaxy who's usefulness was never fully realised due to the eventual plans for the Galaxy class. Few of these ships exsist, however, starfleet is re-evaluating the plans for technological upgrades to the basic design frame including enhanced phasers, shields, sensors, and power grid. Reproduction of this class is schedualed to begin quickly, to repalce Ambassadors and Excelciors lost in the dominion war. These ships will serve as patrol cruisers and in secondary roles and as colony support vessels, as well as science vessels, much like the Ambassador and excelcior classes. Their updated combat ability will make them much more effective than the Ambassador, while their smaller size means less recources and quicker build times. The exsisting handfull of Carthage class vessels are currently undergoing simple upgrades for immediate field service, and this one features an upgraded torpedo system and torpedo load. Eventualy, they will be placed in drydock for full overhauls.

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