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this set of wallpapers comes from Captain Elgy (read the readme) Boy with all the good wallpapers we have up here you can change on a regula...


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this set of wallpapers comes from Captain Elgy (read the readme) Boy with all the good wallpapers we have up here you can change on a regular basis, and not see the same picture twice.

These are good so enjoy

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Download 'ce_bcelements_wallpapers1.zip' (4.12MB)

CE's Bridge Commander Elements Wallpaper Pack v1

For some time these wallpapers have been gathering dust on my harddrive, So I thought that I should finally get them out and released. As it says in the title, these wallpapers contain elements of BC in them. Many of the planets, textures and backgrounds come from other sources. any similarity to any mod created by other authors is entirely coincidental.

This pack chronicals the missions of the Ship and Crew of the U.S.S. Explorer NCC-71982 a Nebula Class Starship operating on the outer rim of federation space, one year after the Dominion War.


1.0 Explorer in Drydock - 53968.2.

After sustaining heavy damage in the Battle of Goralis towards the end of the Dominion War, the explorer returned to Utopia Planitia for repairs and refitting. The Main Deflector sustained heavy damage and was replaced and upgraded one typically used in the Galaxy Class. The Starship Explorer returned to service on stardate 54010.4

1.1 USS Explorer in the Regulus System - 54010.4.

Following the Dominion War, starfleet moved its focus to securing federation borders and to enforce the peace treaty between it's allies and the defeated forces which were aligned with the Dominion. Unfortunately Starfleet lost over a third of it's fleet to the Dominion, leaving starfleet stretched almost to breaking point across it's territory. Piracy has become rife along the Federation & Klingon border worlds, with the Orion Syndicate increasing it's influence throughout the quadrant. The starship U.S.S. Explorer arrives at Starbase 343 in the Regulus System... Her mission to track down the Orion Pirates!!.

1.1 Starship Explorer Battles Orion Vessels - 54018.8.

After an attack on a Federation Medical Ship, an Orion Raider escaped with a quantity of Bio-Mimetic Gel. Fearing that it may be used as a Bio-Weapon the Starship Explorer tracks down and engages the Orion Vessel. The surprise is reversed when an Orion Heavy Cruiser de-cloaks and joins the battle...

1.2 U.S.S. Explorer NCC-71982 and U.S.S. Atherstone NCC-72508 - 54041.6.

With the Orion situation quieting for the time being, Starfleet Command assigns the U.S.S. Explorer to escort the Transport U.S.S. Atherstone to Outpost 10, a federation station abandoned during the Dominion War. The Explorer's mission is to repair and recrew the Derelict Outpost, A simple task... or is it!?

1.2 Explorer Orbiting Outpost 10 - 54046.1.

The Starship Explorer arrives at outpost 10 and finds that alien beings have taken over the station. Upon beaming down the Away Team is attacked and captured. A short while later the aliens contact the Explorer and demand the access codes for the Outpost in return for the captured crewmen. The Captain of the Explorer is faced with a difficult decision... which will he make!?


A very special thanks goes to CAPTAIN RUSSELL, for the use of his superb Nebula Class for this wallpaper pack. A highly recommended download, one of the best of 2006!!.

longisland26 for the Starbase 329 design which is used to portray Starbase 383 and Outpost 10. Available at BCFiles.

BC Community and fans for helping to make BC more than just another Star Trek game... Thanks!!.

Captain Elgy - Signing off...

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