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Here is a hardpoint update for the CG Sovereign pack. This will rebalance the ships to feel more cannon to the Star Trek show. The phasers h...


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Here is a hardpoint update for the CG Sovereign pack. This will rebalance the ships to feel more cannon to the Star Trek show. The phasers have been realligned with the ships hull and the phaser arrays, the weapons have changed to more improved torpedo types (CG Photon torps, and ZZ's Quantums). The torpedoes will fire upto four torpedoes before they are need to reload with the exception of the Excelsior B which fires 6 before the need to reload.

There are several changes when compared to the original CG Sovereign Pack, the NX Sovereign now acts as a prototype vessel with less weapons than before, and its quantum torpedo turret fires torpedoes at a slower rate, basically it is the weakest of the Sovereigns as it should be. This is a highly recommended hardpoint set.

Required Files

CG Sovereign CG Sovereign Pack CG Sovereign Pack Fix Type 11 Shuttle Craft Venture Scout

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Download 'cgsovereign_pack_cannon_hpsv1.0.rar' (551KB)

CG Sovereign Pack Hardpoint cannon update v1.0 + Carrier script(4 shuttle launching)
by $1TH_P$YCH0/P$YCH0

This is an update for the HP of the CG Sovereign pack.
All ships have been modified, rebalanced for a more cannon feel.
All phasers have been properly aligned with the phazer arrays.
All ships use CGPhoton torpedoes and Zambie Zan's Quantum Torpedoes(for the turrets).
They have 1 torpedo launcher removed(it was set on the Quantum turret!!!). Quantum turrets  can now fire only 4 torpedoes before reload(reload rate is different depending on the ship), exept  on Excelsior-B which fires 6.
Quantum turrets cannot fire through the Hull of the ship anymore.
The silly blinker which was in front of the ship was removed.

The weakest ship NX Sovereign has been modified thorougly, from the strenght of the Shields to the firepower, it has weakest shields(slower recharge time) and phasers.
It is my vision of an Prototype ship, so I have removed the phasers on the main phaser arrays 
and left the ship with only 2 phasers on top and 2 below(for each phaser array), it's quantum turret has the slowest reload time, and the smallest angle of fire. It's hull is weakest from 
the rest of the Sovereign

The "normal" Sovereign ships have slightly stronger shields from NX Akira but with a better recharge rate, and better phazer power, it's quantum turret has better angle of fire and better 
reload rate.

The USS Excelsior-B is different from the "normal" Sovereigns in hull strenght(it has faster recharge rate), but slower recharging shields, a lot stronger phasers and it's quantum turret can fire 6 torpedoes before reload, It is fast and manouverable, a real killer ship :).

Just unpack the folders Data, Scripts, SFX into your main Bridge Commander Directory(example C:/Program Files/Activision/Bridge Commander), and overwrite when asked(remember to backup old files).
There is also Alternative Photon Torpedo included, to install it just unpack the Data and Scripts folders from the Alternative photon torpedo folder to the main Bridge Commander Directory.

CG Sovereign pack, Type 11 shuttle, VentureScout(optional)-for the launching.

Special thanx:
Chronocidal Guy, Durandal, Mleo, Zambie Zan, CaptainBryan(CaptainCook/CaptainRussell) for the CG Sovereign pack.

Any questions, sugestions, problems, e-mail me or post at BC Universe.


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