CGI Battle - Empire at War - Mirror Universe



Aloha! I have been quite away from the Bridge Commander Community lately, and have started to get a huge interest in modding SFC OP mostly because I've just got it and am learning that it isn't as difficult as I thought it would be. Anyways, this movie is based on a fan-flick star trek 'parody' made in finland based on a concept of the Russian's getting future technology and has "alright" acting *shudders*.

However! It's saved a bit by the CGI in this film. And for being a parody, it's actually pretty damn good! So I constructed this video that I'm going to be incorporating into a SFC mod soon. (It has 3 little glitches in the video but they're hardly noticeable)

This clip is just for you guys to use as you wish, pull it apart, use parts of it for a new BC introduction, it doesn't matter, in fact I'd love to see a mod with an intro having some of this in it. It's a good battle based on a somewhat mirror universe theme nonetheless. (The sounds in this film and the music are not very battle worthy so I slapped together some stuff in Audio Editor Gold.) At the very least, you can waste 7 minutes of your life enjoying a pretty damn good Star Trek battle featuring ships from TOS and TNG era. Hope you enjoy it and stay spicy!!

- power2022

File in wmv format, feel free to give constructive criticism!

Credits: Hans Zimmer - Tribal War - Black Hawk Down OST Doyle W. Donehoo - America's Army Main Theme Star Trek Enterprise - In a Mirror, Darkly - Intro Theme Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning (2005) (http://www.starwreck.com/crew.php)

By the way, the film is able to be downloaded for free directly from their website at starwreck.com if you wish to waste about an hour and a half of life instead :P. Not sure how many people have heard of these guys, but I've never seen anything like this done before, or any videos of it on BCfiles, the battles are pretty good.



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