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This is the weapon some of you may remember being fired from Akira class vessels in Star Trek: Armada. This torpedo is fired at a target, bounces off the first ships shields and then travels to another target or targets near by. Be sure to read the readme, there is a required mod to use this.



              Chain Reaction Pulsar v1.0
	by Fernando Aluani aka USS Frontier
		 member of BCS: TC	 


This script requires QBautostart. 

Chain Reaction Pulsar is a mod done by me for one of the assignments of the BCS:TC. For those that played ST:Armada 2 : you guys know what this mod does, yes it is just like that, for those that don't played ST:Armada 2 : Chain Reaction Pulsar is a special torpedo projectile that upon hitting the enemy ship it bounces between enemy ships in range, dealing damage to each one of them as he hit'em, plus the CRP damage increases over bounces, so the more bounces he gives, the more damage he'll give.

You can fire it by pressing a key or the button in Felix's menu, the CRP Projectile can hit a maximum of 25 ships, in each hit he get 0.05 times stronger ( for a projectile with 1000 dmg, in the last hit, the #25, he will have 3386 dmg), the range of the CRP is 100 Km.
This is indeed a very good offensive weapon against a enemy fleet, agaisnt simply 2 cardassian Galor's with 1 or 2 full CRP shots (each one hitting it's maximum number of hit) you can destroy both. Agaisnt a larger or tougher fleet the results of using this weapon might not be as noticeable as using agaisnt 2 Galor's, but it will still be a very good weapon to use.


- QBautostart (0.9.1 recommended)

- Mleo's Key Foundation (optional but recommended)

- 1.1 BC patch

- Foundation

Installation Instructions

To install this mod simply copy the all the folders in this mod's pack to your Bridge Commander Directory, Windows will probably ask if you want to override the existing folders in BridgeCommander Directory, so just choose "Yes to all".

Plugin Tool
Yes this mod comes with her own plugin tool, in .EXE (a windows application) format.
- The CRP Plugin Tool is inside the BridgeCommanderDirectory\scripts\Custom\QBautostart\ChainReactionPulsarPlugins folder, for safety reasons, because the Tool creates the plugin in the folder he's located, so by leaving the Tool in the CRP plugins folder will make thing easier for users to make their plugins, as they won't have to copy/paste the plugin script in the correct folder by themselves.
This is what you can define by the Plugin:
- 'ShipHardpoint' - The Ship's Hardpoint Name ==> NEEDED!  this is needed for the CRP to check which ships can use the Chain Reaction Pulsar, plus the name of the plugin script itself must be the same name as the Ship Hardpoint's Name defined here. Don't worry, CRP Plugin Tool creates the plugin with the name of the Ship's Hardpoint Name.
- "Shoot From" - the name of the subsystem in the ship that will be the CRPs system ==> the location of this system in your ship will be the location from where CRP will fire from, plus if this system is disabled/destroyed you won't be able to fire CRP until it is repaired or if you start a new game. If CRP can't find a system with the name defined here in the ship defined in the 'ShipHardpoint', CRP will default 'Shoot From' to the ship's torpedo system, if the ship doesn't have a torpedo system CRP will default 'ShootFrom' to the ship's hull.
- "Module" - The name of the torpedo projectile script to use ==> this is used to set the CRP Projectile's script, it is a normal torpedo script. So the damage/maneuverability/speed/physical aspect (flares, glow, color) and sound of the CRP Projectile will be the same as this torpedo script. If CRP can't load the torpedo script defined here CRP will default back to the CRPTorpedo torpedo script that comes with this package.

How To Use
You must start a battle in quickbattle through the quickbattle setup through saffi's menu.
This mod already comes with a plugin for a default ship of BridgeCommander, So by installing this all the Akira Class ships in game will be able to use this, with the default CRP projectile script and firing from the Torpedo System.
After the loop ends, be it by: CRP hit the max number of ships (25), or the CRP torpedo is destroyed, or the CRP Torpedo target was destroyed before CRP hit him, or if there aren't any enemy ships in range, CRP will take 45 seconds to charge again, thus being possible to use it again.
After starting your QuickBattle game go to "Menu>Configure>Controls>Ships", scroll down the list of keys until you find the "Chain Reaction Pulsar" key, and assign a key to it. With this you will be able to fire CRP by pressing a key, just as you do when firing your ship's weapons! unless of course you order Felix to kill your enemies...
And remember if you're using the CRP with the default CRP projectile script or if you created another projectile script for CRP to use on your ship: the CRP is normally VERY maneuverable, almost NEVER missing a target.

CRP Caracteristics:
-Max number of possible hits: 25
-Firing range of the CRP projectile: 100Km
	plus enemy ships must be within 100Km of the CRP target so that CRP can bounce and go to this new target, within 100Km.
-Damage Factor: torpedo get 0.05 times stronger with each hit.
-Plugin based, Tool to create plugins included.
-Key Foundation Support, is able to fire by pressing a key.


None that i know of.
But by theory, there could have one that i didn't fixed: if the CRP projectile target is able to evade the torpedo until the torpedo's lifetime expires, probably the CRP Loop wouldn't end, causing the CRP to "lock", thus being unable to use it until the player enters a new battle.

Tested in Bridge Commander v1.1 with Kobayashi Maru 0.9.1 Mod, and some other thingies.

Contact me

If you find any bugs, please contact me with the info you have about it (how did it happen, what happens, etc), or if you have some comments/ideas feel free to contact me too
my email is: fernandoragnarok AT hotmail DOT com
         (this is for anti-spam issues, change "AT" for "@" and "DOT" for ".", and you have my email)
Or you can find me in BCU's forum, or BCS:TNG's forum by the name of USS Frontier

- fix any bugs I or others may encounter after the release of this mod,
- Make the CRP Projectile have a "tail". In ST:Armada2 the CRP had a tail so of course this should have it too, plus you woulda be able to define the tail's color in the plugin, I also woulda change the CRPPluginTool so that you can set these colors in it.

Also, by finishing my 2 other WIP mods i'll probably make some other ST:Armada 2 special weapons, and release a pack of Armada2 techs.


- Defiant for QBautostart and Kobayashi Maru

- BCS: TNG for having this incredible idea to teach people to script and by support.

- Mleo for KeyFoundation, and by some functions from his FoundationTech mod, plus, as FoundationTech is based on Apollo's ATP mod and functions, credit must also go to Apollo.

- Lost_Jedi for his advice and assistance during the creation of this weapon.


Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager
and related properties are Registered Trademarks of Paramount Pictures
registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
All original designs are copyright © Paramount Pictures.
No infringement of Paramount's copyrights is intended.

All files in this zip are for personal use only and cannot be bought or sold. They also cannot be modified or released in any way without author's permission.
They can be uploaded in any site but credits MUST be given.

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