A nice blend of Defiant and Miranda, and a Soverign era design.


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A nice blend of Defiant and Miranda, and a Soverign era design.

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====Starforce Producations Presents Chimera 1.0====


Model and textures: 021310061976
Conversion and scripting: starforce2
Additional hardpointing: Mayhemuk

General info:
The Chimera is a modern design incorperating knowledge learned from the 80 year
service record of the Miranda class, as well as the Defiant. It was designed to repalce
the Aging Miranda calsses, many of which were destroyed or heavily damaged in the
Dominion war. Those ships will be canabalised to keep what Mirandas are left in service,
or placed in the Federation Museum. The Chimera class can handel several duity assignments, from supply and evacuation runs with it's large foreward shuttlebay, to
fast response to attacks in a similar fashion to the defiant. However, this ship does not contain cloak, and was not designed with that in mind. Nor does it have heavy ablative armor like the defiant. The ship is, however, highly manuverable and fast, and equipt with the latest 1200 yield Quantum torpeodes, backed up with a small ammout of photons.

4 torpedo tubes, 2 fore, 2 aft, 2 shots each. Quantums and photons.
2 Foreward Pulse cannons
9 High yeild Phaserbanks
3 tractor beams (2 fore, 1 aft)

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