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Chris Jones Produced System Mods 2003 Here's everything related to systems I've done in one download.. Single Player Maps only here..



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Chris Jones Produced System Mods 2003 Here's everything related to systems I've done in one download.. Single Player Maps only here..

This is a compilation - parts of this file are available separately here on BC Files

This file will detect where BC is on your Hard Drive. Required Mods for this to work properly..

1. Dasher's SOL System 2. Nemesis Pack 3. USS Defiant (by golly I can't find this one) 4. Rick Knox Intrepid Class 5. Breen Battleship 6. BanzaiZap System Pack 14 7. ZM SystemPack 8. 8472 Bioship by Book 9. 8472 Mothership by Dr. John 10. Dominion Battlecruiser: 11. Jem'Hadar Fighter:

Recommended for Quickbattle use: (Not required)

1. Dasher's Acceleration Intercept 2. JWattsjr's Warp Intercept 3. Sneaker 98's Warp Core Ejection Mod! 4. NXDefiant's FleetOrder Mod 5. Dark Gunman's BC Improvement Pack

All of the above are here on BC Files.

This is a scenario requested by someone on Bridge Commander Universe, and is a recreation of the battle to re-take DS9, after The Dominion and The Cardassians had taken control of it. The idea here is that you take the USS Defiant into battle vs. several Cardassians, Dominion, and Breen ships. This will not actually take you to Deep Space Nine, as in there's no DS9 Model in this Map - it'sthe battle before you get to DS9.

Included in this mod: My Enemy FleetOrder and Neutral FleetOrder Mods that appear in Kiska's menu. These are both adapted from the NXDefiant Fleet Order script. You can order the Neutral ships (that appear as yellow in the in-game menu) to help you. You can also command the enemies. hahaha. Hack into their helm, much like what happened on The Wrath of Khan.

ENEMY FLEET ORDER: This will allow you to command your enemy to do certain things, in the same way as NX Defiant's Fleet Order Mod does.

You can order the enemy fleet or one ship to follow you, or order individual enemy ships or the fleet to attack or stop. Enemy Starbases in the system will also attack if a friendly gets close enough.

The purpose of this little mod is to have fun, and just to see if I could get it to work for enemies the way that NXDefiant did it for the friendlies. I'm not sure what purpose commanding your enemies has - but it is another way to have some fun with BC.


This will allow you to command any neutral ships in a system (that have a yellow color to them in-game) to do certain things, in the same way as the Fleet Order Mod does. You, as the player, can get the neutral ships in a system to become your allies - or order them to attack your fleet if you so desire - good for target practice.

You can order a 'neutral' fleet or one ship to follow you, or order individual neutral ships or the fleet to attack enemies, friendlies, or stop. Neutral Starbases in the system will also attack if an Enemy gets close enough. (if they are yellow in the ships listed on the left of your screen)

The purpose of this little mod is to have fun, and just to see if I could get it to work for neutrals the way that NXDefiant did it for the friendlies. This is another way to have some fun with BC.

Any ship or object with colored in gray on the ship list on the left of the screen will not work with this.

Several new mutator buttons will appear. One activates the systems. Another is a Helm Override button. This is needed to be able to dock with the Starbases/Drydock/DS9 in the various systems. Certain key files had to be modified to make the docking sequence work. These systems will not overwrite any original files. Without the Helm override button, you can still use the CJones Systems, but the docking won't work.

There are a few interpretations of real systems in space included here, and a few other ficticious systems just for the exploring. They do not all have scripted in ships.

The following systems have commandable ships that will dock with the bases as well.

1. Earth - This is Dasher42's Sol3 (Earth-Moon) system with a Starbase that defends itself - and - YOU CAN DOCK WITH IT. This has transports going to the moon, among other things. You can also tell the commandable Akira to dock with it. There are ships that race to the rescue of the Lunar transports if they get attacked.

2. Spacedock - Earth with a drydock, instead of a Starbase, that you can re-fit with!

3. SolarSystem - Earth with all nine planets correctly spaced for distance, based on distances from the sun in each of the Sol systems that Dasher set up. Asteroid field included.

4. SolarSystemSmall - Earth with the planets much closer together for easy traveling and sight seeing!

5. DeepSpaceNine - a dockable Cardassian Starbase(stock model). Re-fit at Deep Space 9! USS Defiant included..

No dockable bases in the next three.. 6. CJones1 - 5 planets, 2 Suns - There are several transports moving between the planets, all neutral.

7. CJones2 - Several planets, 2 stations (1 friendly, 1 enemy), 2 Stars, eighteen ships (yes - 18!) that interrelate in different ways - some that will come to another ship's rescue, Nebulae, and Asteroid Fields. 2 of the ships are player controlled.

8. CJones3 - Comets, Hidden Bases, Far off Romulans, Comm Arrays, etc..

ALSO.. System Name: Prometheus - suggested by V99 on Bridge Commander Universe. Produced by: Chris Jones August 2003

There are two systems called 'Prometheus'

Prometheus 1 has the Feds and the Wardbirds vs. you. The Defiants and Akira also fight the Warbirds. There is a Blue Dwarf star here.

Prometheus 2 has You and the Feds vs. the Warbirds. The Feds will not fire on you.Blue Dwarf Star here as well, lens flare on this one.

The premise for QB is that you use the Prometheus, either LB's or the one on BC Files made by Dawn, ported by Darkdrone, and harpointed by Crazyhid - as your ship; and pick a non-ship object as a friendly. The Defiants - Original Model: 9 of 9 Hardpoints: Elminster Released as part of the Defiant Class Mod Pack with BlackRook32

This is fun to try with the mvam Galaxy as well. ALSO: BanzaiZap SystemPack add-ons.

The Obvious requirement is having the BanzaiZap System Pack 14 installed. Also needed: The Bioship by Book, and the Mothership by Dr. John - both in the 8472 section of BCFiles.

This is designed to enhance your experience with the following systems in his SystemPack:

UNIVERSE Added: a Galaxy Class to defend DS9 (friendly) a Warbird hanging out near Romulus and Remus (enemy) a Vorcha in the Kronos/Praxis area (friendly) the USS Sovereign near Earth (friendly) a transport/rescue ship moving between Earth and Wolf 359 (neutral) the USS Farragut in Wolf 359 (friendly)

DS9 will defend itself (friendly) The Khitomer Colony will defend itself (friendly) The Insect Hive will defend itself (enemy)

Because of all these things in one map - none of the ships will fire unless they are engaged first. This way they will stay in their original areas of space. The USS Venture actually says USS Venture on the hull. It is set to defend DS9, but will not defend itself if attacked first. So if that happens you need to go help her.

SMOKE RING The USS Galaxy engaged a Galor Class Cardassian near the Smoke Ring, both ships suffering heavy damage, spinning seemingly out of control. There is enough impulse and thruster power left in each ship to get a few more shots in. The USS Galaxy had happened upon a Cardassian fortress of sorts, set up inside the smoke ring. The Keldons inside the ring will not fight unless they are engaged. They may decide to leave the Smoke Ring.

OBSTACLES These are a few obstacles courses to run through - a few curves and challenges. Complicated a bit by Tasha Yar's daughter, who is scripted in. There's at least one surprise in here. You'll see. The trick will be to select several enemies in Quickbattle.

NURSERY I added some Communication relays to this - and an 'Unknown' race. The relays act as data gathering devices to record the birth of stars, and are resistant to the intense heat of the area.

COMET Additions here: There's now an Observer ship that moves between the observatory and the Comet. The comet is a bit bigger.

BANZAI 1, 2, 3, and 4 The USS Farragut is a stock BC Nebula Class ship that will come to the defense of the Banzai Colony if it is attacked. There's a non-targetable communications array in here as well, just for effect. You may also see a transport or two moving between planets and the damaged outpost. The damaged outpost will be attempting to repair itself when Gul Damar decides to attack it. A Galaxy Class will be there quickly to defend the station. You will also notice a non-targetable transport bringing supplies to the station. It may get attacked as well, and will defend itself.

ARENAA Banzai Zap put two Starbases in ArenaA. They will now defend themselves. Starbase 457 is friendly, Sand Dollar is set as enemy. There's a mystery ship, set as neutral. Watch what happens when you get close to defeating him, lol. There's two communication arrays as well.

FLUIDIC SPACE Straight out of Star Trek: Voyager comes the home of Species 8472. There are two mods required for this system: The Mothership by Dr.John, and the Bioship by book, available on BCFiles. Bring lots of friends because this one will get nasty.

This mod includes a conversion with new scripts, ships, mods of the Banzai Zap Galaxies (1-7) into individual systems. Each of these systems has some new activity.

Galaxy1 is now StarGroup Galaxy2 is now EarthCities Galaxy3 is now Kronos Galaxy4 is now Vulcan Galaxy5 is now Romulus Galaxy6 is now Borealis Galaxy7 is now BeyondTheGalaxy

You can install the unmodded version with no scripts and ships (separate download) over the top of this with no problem. To get back to this modded version you can reinstall this one. The Mutator Button will not change. The Mutator button is called: The BanzaiZap Galaxies. Note the original 'TheGalaxy1-7' will remain untouched. There is also a separate download of these systems, with the above names, unmodded.

Modifications in this download are as follows:


Dasher42, Banzai Zap, Jeff Watts, Jr.(the AI king), and myself, Chris Jones, are all part of this system. This is a combination of Dasher's Sol3, BanzaiZap's Galaxy2, and Chris Jones' SpaceDock systems and began with the Earth-Moon system that Dasher setup for his Sol3. Banzai added in the other Solar System Planets for easy traveling. He also added numerous cities around the globe for a nice feel of traveling from one city to another. I then combined that with my SpaceDock system. Banzai had a Starbase and two Shipyards in the system. I set them as friendly and made one Shipyard dockable! Yes you can re-fit your ship there. Thanks to JWattsJr for the hardpoints on the Drydock model he did in June 2003 for the Spacedock system. The Starbase will defend itself if attacked. Another ship (Nebula Class) off in the distance will come racing in to assist in Starbase defense if needed. There is an Akira Class ship, the USS JArcher, that will attack any enemy in the system. There's also some background activity in this system - two Transports. One transport warps back and forth between the Earth and Moon, the other just goes along it's merry way, and will fire back if attacked.


This is Klingon Space - Complete with Kronos, a Moon (Takoth), and what's left of Praxis. There's also cities around the planet indicating where things like the High Council Chambers, The Warrior Monument, and other points of Klingon interest are. I have added some Birds of Prey and Vorchas, set as friendly, that will attack any enemy. Included here is another entire system, called KlingonFleet, which adds more ships on patrol and takes away the cities and the Praxis asteroid/nebula area - making for less lag on your PC and more battle fun.


Romulan Space, with the planets Romulus and Remus, complete with the Rift made famous by Star Trek: Nemesis. I've added 5 Warbirds on patrol here, set as enemies. There are cities and landmarks around Romulus, things like the Senate Chambers and the Tal Shiar. The Tal ShiAr HQ is a Cardassian Station, but with new Hardpoints. Beam weapons are green, Disruptor Cannon torpedoes are green, shields are green and are stronger. The Warbird Disruptor beam is a bit stronger as well, as are their shields. The original Hardpoints are in the SDK, and are included in the non-mod version of these systems in a separate release. I don't normally do hardpoints on ships, but what was done here makes it more fun, I think. If you normally fly Romulan then you'll need to use the non-modded version of this. Note here: The straight (no ships added) conversion of Romulus, Kronos, Vulcan, EarthCities, StarGroup, Borealis, and BeyondTheGalaxy can be found Here.


Vulcan Space. Since the Vulcans are non-agressive the ships here are all set as neutral. Banzai Zap put some cities and landmarks around Vulcan; things like the Gardens of Surak and The Vulcan Science Academy. I have added some transports and freighters moving around the system. The visuals and the backgrounds in this system give it the image of a 'peaceful' system. You almost don't want to fire even one phaser.


This is primarily a visual system, some wonderful eye candy created by Banzai Zap. I've added a Communications Relay, some ships gathering stellar data, and an unknown race. Any ship in this system will not fire at you unless you fire first, although one gets curious and checks you out. This system is a visually stunning experience. There's a 'Transwarp Control' interface near a big star. You should check that out.


This one's quite beautiful. Looks can be deceiving. You'll see. Dockable Starbase here! You might need a refit or two. Long range sensors required here.


Intergalactic Void. Somehow the Cardassians are in control of a time displacement device, but are unsure of how to operate it. They have placed themselves, along with a Nebula Class that was investigating them, into the void of space between galaxies. The process heavily damaged their ships, Outpost and the Nebula Class. Your job here is to investigate the events when you finally arrive at their coordinates. Let's just say that the Cardassians have been in better positions. Although it may look like it, the Nebula Class ship is not completely dead. ALSO: We have Dasher42's Sol System separated into individual systems:

Mercury Venus Earth (from the CJones Systems) Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto

These are playable by the above names.

I have also set up a MultiSystem version of this, where you can warp from one planet to another very easily. See the MultiSystem idea origin below.


A Multi-System Mod for Bridge Commander -- NINE DIFFERENT MULTISYSTEMS HERE.

Notes and Readme for the MultiSystem setup

Different Systems within ONE system - for Quickbattle

This Multi System idea spawned from a combination of the QBR and the Sim Rex editor rolling around in my head. I just decided to paste some code into a normal QB system and let it roll. This is the first installment of this idea. You select, in Quickbattle mode, a system called 'MultiSystem'. When it loads, many different systems are available. It does take a little bit to load it as there's lotsa stuff in there, but I was surprised when it actually worked! There's a Federation Fleet system, a Cardassian Fleet system, and a few stock systems. Earth and Deep Space Nine are here as well - each with dockable bases to re-fit. The Earth and DS9 systems are the same one as in my first system release. The DS9 has a small update. I used the Sim Rex Mission Editor to create a custom mission, then did some cutting and pasting and tweaking. This works a lot like the Quick Battle Replacement, but does not require extensive setup by the end user. The Mod uses the normal warp sequence..

There are nine total Multisystems - each with a different combinations of systems to go to. BanzaiZap, ZM, Stock, and my own systems.

You end up in another system - just like the QBR - only you don't have to set it up. I set it up! You cannot pursue at warp, only in the normal acceleration intercept mode within a system.

The Federation fleet consists of many ships, stock models (for easy loading), along with the Defiant and Intrepid. The Cardassian fleet has the same setup.

You'll have the option to take a Fed Fleet in to attack the Cardassians, or leading a bunch of enemies to the Federation fleet - with some Stock systems thrown in for other places to go. I have some nice AIs from jwattsjr that I have implemented here. In the opening, no matter what else is happening, an ally and an enemy will come warping in from somewhere else, ready to fight. All friendlies in the beginning will follow you anywhere you go. If you start out with a lot of QB allies you can lead them into battle against the Cardassians in another system. If you start out with a lot of QB enemies you can lead them to the Federation in another system.

Ideas for the future include my own systems all rolled into one, some Banzai Zap System Pack creations rolled into one adventure, and SOL! Sol will be quite neat with this setup I think.

Banzai Zap wrote: This is, indeed how it was meant to be! Fly anywhere from anywhere! Since you're doing a lot of system scripting, you can make sure that there are always ships around willing to help or hurt you. Now I just need to start loading all the crazy alien ships, and we can have a truly massive universe to play in, just like we've always wanted! Keep it up! Kudos! Kudos!

Upon Installation you will see 3 new Mutator buttons. 1. Fed and Card Fleet Systems (these can be played individually if desired) 2. MultiSystems 3. MultiSystems AIs Here's a breakdown of what's in MultiSystems 1-9.. MultiSystem1 - Vesuvi6, Beol, Earth, DeepSpaceNine, FederationFleet, CardassianFleet. (original release was just this) MultiSystem2 - Vesuvi6, Calufrax3, EarthCities, BriarPatch, Romulus, Saturn MultiSystem3 - Banzai4, Calufrax3, SpaceDock, Kronos, Romulus, Wolf359 MultiSystem4 - Serris3, CJones3, SmokeRing, Borealis (w/ dockable Base), GasGiant, FleetBattle MultiSystem5 - FleetBattle, DeepSpaceNine, FederationFleet, CardassianFleet, KlingonFleet, Romulus (MAJOR Fleet Action here!) MultiSystem6 - Badlands, DeepSpaceNine, BriarPatch, SystemJ25, CardassianFleet, Prometheus There's a loose theme here related to DS9 and canon Trek. MultiSystem7 - Void, BeyondTheGalaxy, GalaxyEdge, Sol9(Pluto), StarGroup, Universe Having the Universe in here is fun, as it contains smaller versions of Kronos, Romulus, and Wolf359, among others. You will warp directly into a fight when you go there. Notice the theme in this one. Pluto is the end of the Solar System, The others represent what is beyond our galaxy. MultiSystem8 - Baqis, KavisAlpha4, Pleides, SystemJ25, RedGiant, Tathis MultiSystem9 - Borealis (w/ dockable base), BriarPatch, Vulcan, Khan, Kronos, Vatris

We had a bunch of fun making these systems, writing, and modifying python scripts to get things right.. Jeff knows what he's doing with the scripts. It all started with me asking for help in getting ships to move within a system, This file here is the end result.

Your final instruction is to have a whole lotta fun with this!

Chris Jones and Jeff Watts, Jr. 2003

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Download 'cjbc2003_.exe' (2.54MB)

This file will detect where BC is on your Hard Drive. 
Required Mods for this to work properly..

1. Dasher's SOL System
2. Nemesis Pack
3. USS Defiant (I can't find this one)
4. Rick Knox Intrepid Class
5. Breen Battleship
6. BanzaiZap System Pack 14
7. ZM SystemPack
8. 8472 Bioship by Book
9. 8472 Mothership by Dr. John
10. Dominion Battlecruiser:
11. Jem'Hadar Fighter:

Recommended for Quickbattle use:
(Not required)

1. Dasher's Acceleration Intercept 
2. JWattsjr's Warp Intercept 
3. Sneaker 98's Warp Core Ejection Mod!
4. NXDefiant's FleetOrder Mod
5. Dark Gunman's BC Improvement Pack

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