Cjones Multi-System Mod

7 systems in one.

More details can be found in this thread. Be sure to read the requirements below. http://dynamic3.gamespy.com/~bridgec...


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7 systems in one.

More details can be found in this thread. Be sure to read the requirements below. http://dynamic3.gamespy.com/~bridgecommander/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=12022

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Download 'cjmultisystemmodbc.zip' (735KB)

This updates the 'Correct Download' thread. 

Multi-System Mod for Bridge Commander -- SEVEN DIFFERENT MULTISYSTEMS HERE. 

MultiSystem2.. etc.. 


1. Dasher's SOL System BC Files 
2. Chris Jones/Jeff Watts Systems - updated version Sept. 2003 - online now. 
3. BanzaiZap SystemPack 14 (I am updating a lot of these - another download - online now) and the updates - or at least the small Galaxies download at the bottom of that thread. 
4. USS Defiant - 9 of 9 author - from BC Files 
5. Intrepid Class - Rick Knox author - BC Files 

Notes and Readme 

Different Systems within ONE system - for Quickbattle 

This Multi System idea spawned from a combination of the QBR and the Sim Rex editor rolling around in my head. I just decided to paste some code into a normal QB system and let it roll. This is the first installment of this idea. 
You select, in Quickbattle mode, a system called 'MultiSystem'. When it loads, many different systems are available. It does take a little bit to load it as there's lotsa stuff in there, but I was surprised when it actually worked! 
There's a Federation Fleet system, a Cardassian Fleet system, and a few stock systems. Earth and Deep Space Nine are here as well - each with dockable bases to re-fit. The Earth and DS9 systems are the same one as in my first system release. The DS9 has a small update. 
I used the Sim Rex Mission Editor to create a custom mission, then did some cutting and pasting and tweaking. This works a lot like the Quick Battle Replacement, but does not require extensive setup by the end user. 
The Mod uses the normal warp sequence.. 

There are seven total Multisystems - each with a different combinations of systems to go to. BanzaiZap, Stock, and my own systems. 

You end up in another system - just like the QBR - only you don't have to set it up. I set it up! 
You cannot pursue at warp, only in the normal acceleration intercept mode within a system. 

The Federation fleet consists of many ships, stock models (for easy loading), along with the Defiant and Intrepid. The Cardassian fleet has the same setup. 

You'll have the option to take a Fed Fleet in to attack the Cardassians, or leading a bunch of enemies to the Federation fleet - with some Stock systems thrown in for other places to go. 
I have some nice AIs from jwattsjr that I have implemented here. In the opening, no matter what else is happening, an ally and an enemy will come warping in from somewhere else, ready to fight. All friendlies in the beginning will follow you anywhere you go. If you start out with a lot of QB allies you can lead them into battle against the Cardassians in another system. If you start out with a lot of QB enemies you can lead them to the Federation in another system. 

Ideas for the future include my own systems all rolled into one, some Banzai Zap System Pack creations rolled into one adventure, and SOL! Sol will be quite neat with this setup I think. 

Banzai Zap wrote: 
This is, indeed how it was meant to be! Fly anywhere from anywhere! Since you're doing a lot of system scripting, you can make sure that there are always ships around willing to help or hurt you. Now I just need to start loading all the crazy alien ships, and we can have a truly massive universe to play in, just like we've always wanted! Keep it up! Kudos! Kudos! 

Upon Installation you will see 3 new Mutator buttons. 
1. Fed and Card Fleet Systems 
(these can be played individually if desired) 
2. MultiSystems 
3. MultiSystems AIs 

This mod will not overwrite any original files. You need all 3 Buttons activated. 

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