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Lots of requirements, I'll include the thread: http://dynamic3.gamespy.com/~bridgecommander/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=11671

This is techni...


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Lots of requirements, I'll include the thread: http://dynamic3.gamespy.com/~bridgecommander/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=11671

This is technicly a system map, but since there is so much stuff to do in here I'm putting it in the missions catagory. Tons of cardassians and shinzon to kill.

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Download 'cjonessystemsii-bc.rar' (970KB)

Required Mods for these two new system Maps to work properly: 

1. The CJones Systems from http://www.nightsoftware.com/Downloads/Programs/BC/CJandJWattsSystemsBC.rar 
2. Nemesis Pack from http://www.bcfiles.com/file.info?ID=11676 
3. USS Defiant found here http://www.bcfiles.com/file.info?ID=10163 
This is a re-release of the original Defiant by 9 of 9. 
Added to this is V3 of Elminsters hardpoints. 
4. Rick Knox Intrepid Class here: http://www.bcfiles.com/file.info?ID=4110 
5. Breen Battleship here: http://www.bcfiles.com/file.info?ID=10054 
6. Dasher's Sol System from BC Files. 

Reccomended for Quickbattle use: 

1. Acceleration Intercept here: http://www.bcfiles.com/file.info?ID=7299 

2. JWattsjr's Warp Intercept here: http://dynamic3.gamespy.com/~bridgecommander/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=11602 

You will see a new Mutator Button for The CJones Systems II. 


In making a system with a self contained fleet battle, I've come up with several scenarios going on at the same time. 

I'm using the Nemesis pack in this one, for extra variety. 

The USS Farragut is mosy-ing along until either a Galor, or a Keldon(Dukat) attacks it. She will defend herself. Either the Galor or Dukat will attack the player(you). A Rom Warbird is busy with a Galaxy and an Akira below you just out of sensor range. Off in another direction, two Valdore class Warbirds (set as friendly) are attacking Shinzon. If you don't help the Valdores they will most likely be destroyed, and then Shinzon comes after you - and that could be a mess if you are busy with a Cardassian at the same time. Remember Damar from DS9? He's involved as well. 

The above mentioned Galaxy and Akira Class may leave the Warbird and chase after some far off incoming Cardassians, who are themselves going after a lone Transport-Science ship, currently gathering data on the 3 Sun system you are in. The Science ship will defend itself, but will be outgunned by the Cardassians. The Rom Warbird that was left alone by the Galaxy and Akira will find you eventually. A Klingon Vorcha is on your side attacking the Warbird, but may be outgunned. 

All the while a neutral Freighter has fallen victim to Ferengi thieves near a Planet and it's moon. The Freighter warps to the planet and then will make continuos runs between the Planet and the Moon. The above mentioned Vorcha will attack the Ferengi, but may get distracted by that Rom Warbird. 

The AIs are set for use in Quickbattle setups. For missions with the new mission editor, I'd have to change some AIs. 

Based on the fact that Shinzon is here, the player (you) may need more help defeating him. That is one reason I put in a commandable Intrepid and the USS Defiant. This whole thing is based on you only picking one ship and no enemies in QB. If you were to select an ally, he would randomly attack any enemy. With scripting he will attack only the enemies you choose. The USS Defiant is running around helping you. It is not commandable. 

Make use of your long range sensors. 


This is more of a mission than a battle. 

Your job will be to divert two damaged ships away from the nebula/gas giant, and take care of the Breen if and when they show up... The Breen will attack everything. The damaged ships have defensive capability, but they move slowly.. The Gas Giant does major damage to any ship. 

Another interesting sidelight is the Rom Warbird that's traveling back and forth between a small planet and the Gas Giant. What's he up to? 

Several options available here. You can do this by yourself, or bring in an ally or two to help with the Breen problem. 

Long Range Sensors and Nav points are your friends here. 

I've also included a custom mission version of the Gas Giant. You'll need to select Missions, Custom, Rescue, and RescueTransport. The only difference here is you do not get Acceleration Intercept, or Warp Intercept. Playing this way does not allow for other allies, but it is just a click to start it instead of a QuickBattle setup. Your ship is the Enterprise E from the above mentioned Nemesis Pack. In this version the Breen will take a very long time to get to you, if he ever does. 

You also notice some other little missions/scenarios I've set up in the custom mission menu. Nothing special, but they make use of a Self Defense AI that I like a lot. 

Extra little missions: 

Cardassian Invasion - 

1. Approach - 3 Cardassians on the run - (You have to attck each ship before it will return fire.) 
This takes place near Saturn - make sure Dasher's Sol System is in your BC. 
2. Ketracel White - Take out the Freighter 

Omega Draconis 

1. Draconis1 - I made this while learning placements of ships; simple but fun - Take out a Cardassian. 

The custom Gas Giant mission and the others were made with that great new mission editor. 
Found here: http://dynamic3.gamespy.com/~bridgecommander/phpBB/viewtopic.php?p=149399#149399 

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