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Here is the Federation Claymore Class from Starforce Productions. This ship is not very powerful when compared to newer federation starships, its forwards weaponry is similar to that of the Excelsior however its aft section is very vulnerable due to this space used for science labs or shuttle bays (in the readme). This ship is no match for any TNG vessels or many TMP vessels.



====Starforce Productions Claymore====

Model and orig textures: Sbloyd
Texture enhancements: GAFY?
Conversion and HP: Starforce2

Length: 400m

Claymore classes were retired to secondary roles after the introduction of the excelcior classes, and can be found under the command of federation colonial governments, mainly and supply vessels and convoy escorts. Since the dominion war, they've been sighted more frequently in mainstream federation lanes and sectors, mainly as transports, due to the depletion of the federation fleet. Those still mothballed at Federation depots have been pressed into service hauling shuttles and torpedo casings to shipyards or directly to the needy vessel for loading, and usualy are commanded by cadets to train them to operate and actual vessel and complete tasks with minimal supervision by instructors. Escorts of Perigrine fighters, such as used by the Maquis, or a light cruiser such as a New Orleans, Centaur, or Freedom class are common sights with these vessels.

This vessel is lightly armed and lightly shielded by current standards, but has decent manuverability at impulse. It's phasers and foreward torpedo are equal to the excelcior, though it is vulnerable aft, as most of that space is for shuttles and other cargo, or as space for labs and medical facilities.

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