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Here is magnificent new 'Battlecruiser' for the Empire, The K'vek! This ship is a beauty to behold. Taking her design elements from the old...


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Here is magnificent new 'Battlecruiser' for the Empire, The K'vek! This ship is a beauty to behold. Taking her design elements from the old TOS K'olode and K'tinga Classes. With her custom Disruptor's and Torpedoes, this 24th Century upgrade delivers a punishing assault. With 'time on target' accuracy. I tested this ship against a modified Federation Wraith Class. The K' Vek gave as good as she got. The first salvo took out nearly (4) of the Wraith's phaser arrays. The K' Vek Class will make an excellent addition to your Klingon inventory.

So take on the challenge and bring 'Honor and Glory' to the Empire!

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Title: KDF K'vek Class Battlecruiser
File name:
Version: 0.95 beta
Date: 02/06/2003
Author: Original Model and Texture by Don Woligroski (A.K.A. Cleeve)
Credits: Brad at SFB to SFC for making me the SCME utility available to us starship lovers, and those who read the readme file I used as a template as my own! check them out at

weapon/hardpoints: or

Discription of the Mod File

Here is a design I've been working on for a couple of weeks I've always wanted to make a TNG era ship that's a worthy successor to the D-7. I love the Vorcha and Negh'var, but they didn't seem to do their D-7 roots justice... so I came up with the D-37 K'vek Class Battlecruiser.

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If you use this file in any Bridge Commander Project, please include this file. If you make this file available on your site or another's, please include a link to

Please do not modify this file or the textures included with out seeking the Author's permission. Nothing legal here, it's just polite.

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