Colorado Class



Early tng replacement for the Constitution refit it was a new class in 2325 the Colorado Class was designed.

it was a redesign was not a refit a new ship all together. Only the engineering section was reused from the Constitution. it was not just a upgrade the Colorado Class was a newer ship that was used to the same standards as the excelsior Class ships.



 Colorado v1.0 (Feb 24, 2009)

 Colorado Class Cruiser

 - U.S.S. Sparta



In 2325, A replacement for the Constitution Class was needed. After the refit of the 
Constitution the Anubis project was a failure, work to  design a new class begin and the 
Colorado Class was designed.

The redesign was not a refit  but a new ship all together. Only the engineering section would 
be reused from the Constitution. Not just a upgrade the Colorado Class was a newer ship that 
was used to the same standards as the excelsior Class ships. The ships outer 
appearance was a modern heavy cruiser for times.

This upgrade gave the Colorado the new phaser Banks, modern sheilding and torpedo launchers,
improved sensors, warpcore, computer systems and so on. 
	A new deflector dish, saucer section, and nacelles were also part of the new class.
The up side to these upgrades was the ship has two more science labs then the constitution
and 50 less crew was needed.

Starfleet has refitted the class over the years to keep it in the fleet.

In 2365, the newer technology fully augmented the ships and to this day the Colorado class
has caught up to the refitted Ambassador.

Now the Colorado serves, side by side, with modern Ambassador and Centaur Class ships.

Out of all the ships that underwent the 2325 refit five are in service, all the ships are 
veterans of the Dominion war.

== CREDITS ==================================================================

Meshes:     Wicked Zombie 
Textures:   Wicked Zombie
Kitbash:    jonathansparta
Convertion: Jonathansparta ([email protected])
Hardpoints: Jonathansparta

== SPECS ====================================================================

   USS Sparta

   9 Phaser Banks (in pairs) - (2f/2p/2s/2sa/2pa/2v/2a/1plyon star/1plyon port/)
   2 Photon launchers - (2f)

== INSTALLATION ==============================================================

Unrar the file into a temporary folder
Copy all the folders (data, scripts, sfx) into your Bridge Commander folder
Overwrite if asked
(use Bcut or bcmp to install!!) 

== REQUIREMENTS ==============================================================

- NanoFX (for lights) - (http://bridgecommander.filefront.com/file/NanoFX;23469)

== GLITCHES ==================================================================


Tested in Bridge Commander v1.1



If you wish to modify, kitbash or convert these ships to another game 
(Starfleet Command, Armada, Klingon Academy, etc) contact the authors first.
You must not modify, kitbash or convert without our express authorization. 

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Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager (and the various logo devices used in them) 
are copyright Paramount Pictures, as are the characters, related images, and sound from the 


 Jonahtansparta  -  [email protected] 

 Thanks to WickedZombie45 ([email protected]) 
 with out your support this ship would not be a reality

 Thanks to F9thDaihak ([email protected])
 for helping with the textures puting the registry 
 numbers on the ship

 Thanks to Durandal for the best Photons ever, good on early tng 
 fed ships

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